Metropolitan Museum Of Art, United States

Posted On November 26, 2009 

The metropolitan Museum of Art is often known as The Met. It is an art museum. The metropolitan Museum of Art is located on the eastern side of the Central Park in the New York City of the United States of America. There are around two million art works which are included on the permanent section of the museum. These two million art works are placed in to nineteen different sections. The Met, which is the main building of the museum, is one of the largest art galleries in the world. The Met has a sub-division named as The Cloisters, in the upper Manhattan which displays the medieval art.

The permanent collections of the art works has the various collection of the Ancient Egypt, Classical Antiquity also Sculptures and Paintings of mostly all the European masters. It also has a huge collection of the modern art as well as the American art. The Met also has a wide collection of Islamic arts, Asian, Byzantine, African as well as Oceanic arts. The museum has a huge collection of the armor, accessories, musical instruments, costumes as well as antique weapons from all around the world. The prominent interiors from the 1st century Rome to the Modern American design are placed in the permanent display section of the museum.

Metropolitan Museum

A group of American people came together in the year 1870 and founded the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Originally located at 681, Fifth Avenue, the museum was first opened in the year 1872 on 20, February. The founders of the museum included various artists, businessman, thinkers as well as financiers. Today the museum has grown much more than before. It stretches at almost a quarter mile whereas the total surface area of the museum is about two million square feet.

The American Decorative Arts Departments has a collection of about 12,000 arts works which are the perfect examples of the American decorative arts. The collection ranges from the late 17th century to the early 20th century. The museum has the major collection of the American decorative arts. The section is totally dedicated to the American works where not started until 1934. During the early eighteenth century the Met started collecting the age-old artifacts and arts from the Near East. TheSculptures in metropolitan museum collection of the American Stained glass is one of the most impressive collections of the American Decorative arts department. The collection of the museum of the art work from the Near East increased and had crossed 7,000 numbers. The collections include the seals and the cuneiform tablets. The collection of the Neolithic period, Sassanian Empire and the Late Antiquity includes the various works of Hittite, Elamite, Sumeria, Babylonian, Assyrian as well as Sassanian cultures. There is a huge collection of the exclusive Bronze Age objects.

John F. Kennedy International Airport is the nearest airport if you want to visit metropolitan museum of Art. John F. Kennedy International Airport is very well connected with the important national and international cities of the world. From the airport you can take a taxi, car, metro or bus to reach the metropolitan museum of Art.

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