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Dominican Republic Official Name Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic's Official Language Spanish
Capital of Dominican Republic Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic's Largest City
Dominican Republic's President Leonel FERNANDEZ Reyna
Dominican Republic's Premier Rafael ALBURQUERQUE de Castro
Dominican Republic Area Total% Water 48,730 sq km
Dominican Republic Population(2005) 8950030
Dominican Republic Established 27 February 1844 (from Haiti)
Dominican Republic GDP(2005) Total $55.68 billion
The Currency of Dominican Republic's Dominican peso (DOP)
The Time Zone of Dominican Republic is UTC ? 4
Dominican Republic Calling Code
Dominican Republic Internet TLD .do

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About Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is a Spanish-speaking representative democracy located on the eastern portion of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, bordering Haiti. A legacy of unsettled, mostly non-representative, rule for much of the 20th century most notably the thirty-two year reign of the military leader Rafael Le髇idas Trujillo lasted until 1961.

The Dominican Republic ("do-MIN-i-kun") should not be confused with Dominica ("do-min-EE-ka"), another Caribbean country
History of Dominican Republic
The country has had a history of changing ownership, with Spain, France, Haiti, Spain again, and the United States (twice) taking their turns at ruling Dominican territory amid attempts at independence and self-rule. The twentieth century was marked by repeated U.S. intervention in local affairs. Apart from tentative U.S. support for the Trujillo dictatorship (1930-1961) (though this faded during his final years,) the most infamous example of this is the 1965 invasion by American troops in the midst of a Dominican civil war, an uprising that was sparked by an attempt to restore the republic''s first democratically-elected president of the 20th century, Juan Bosch, who had been overthrown by a right-wing coup in 1963. This invasion had the effect of establishing the rule of Joaqu韓 Balaguer (1966-1978), and ensuring that Juan Bosch''s constitutional government never returned to power. The Johnson administration justified the 1965 intervention by stating that it suspected many of Bosch''s supporters were pro-Cuban Communists.

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