The Worlds Largest Basket

Posted On June 17, 2010 

Have you ever seen a building with a sense of humor ? Well thats the first thing that comes to mind when you look at the worlds largest basket!! Visiting the township of Longaberger is just the first thing you should do. While you are at it, you could shop at the Longaberger stores, speak to the towns folks who are very much into- the Longaberger lifestyle. Wait, theres more ! , now make your way to the Longaberger headquarters to deposit your party order or if you don’t have a party, thats no problem, You could still just head over for a sight of the seven floors of the Longaberger Basket Building!!!

Longaberger basket building
The building is the brainchild of the Longaberger Empire founder – Dave Longaberger. He said that, “if they can put a man on the moon, they can certainly build a building thats shaped like a basket.” He then tapped into the demand for hand-woven party baskets. Not satisfied still, he finally dreamed up the idea of running his growing organization from the world’s largest replica of one!!

The building is an awesome example of mimetic architecture. There is an inner atrium that soars up to a glass ceiling, quite magnificent actually!! Through the glass ceiling; you can catch a view of the ‘Bigggg’ basket handles that come together over the roof. The interior part of the building is a plush office-space which houses the corporate office of the Longaberger office folk. The front of the building has got beautiful glass windows that give the building quite contemporary look. Over all, the building seems to always bring back good old picnic memories!

Basket building
The World’s Largest Apple Basket — over 29 feet tall — stands at the Longaberger Homestead in Frazeysburg, OH. It was hand-woven from hardwood maple in 1999. It is an unusually, lovely-sight which makes for an awesome family picture. The giant apple basket sits at the end of Faux main street. A sign at the storefronts reads “Longaberger at Home”. The rooms tastefully decorated in ways that could inspire visitors.

Worlds Largest Apple Basket

So if you are a person who likes large collectibles or if you take your family out for excursions or even just for kicks!; get ready to get inspired by a township that stands out, a locality which loves itself and town-folk who are more warm and welcoming. It would make your day to know what it feels like to live the Longaberger lifestyle!!

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  1. vareeja says:

    Basket-making started with Dave’s father J.W. Longaberger in 1919 when he took an apprenticeship with The Dresden Basket Factory.
    Eventually J.W. came to love and perfect the art of basket making. Even when The Dresden Basket Factory closed as a result of The Great Depression, he still made baskets on the weekends. He and his wife Bonnie Jean Longaberger (Gist) eventually raised enough money to purchase the closed basket factory and start a business of their own.

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