Museo Del Prado, Madrid

Posted On July 7, 2010 

There are many museums, all over the world. Although , how would you tell, that which separates an everyday museum from that which is historically important. How would you tell if that museums has significant works of art and sculpture. I am sure you have visited a few museums , maybe even a lot. But once you come to the Museo Del Prado, your entire perception of it is will send you racing through a wild and awe inspiring- historical journey.

Featuring an exquisite collection of the finest European art collections from the 12th till the 19th century. Located in Madrid, the capital of Spain; this museum was built mainly for paintings and sculpture exhibition.

Museo Del Prado
Prado literally means meadow. This is because; where the museum now stands, there used to be a beautiful meadow. Which then got incorporated into the Museums name. The museum has around eight thousand paintings and about seven hundred sculptural works. This place is known to be one of the most famous museums in the world because of its grand content

Diego Velazquez, the great Spanish painter, who painted portraits of nobility by their request; has some of his greatest paintings; including the Las Meninas on display at the Museum Del Prado. Velazquez gave a few of his works to the museum and he was also responsible of the import of many Italian masterpieces into this museum.

Las Meninas
Picasso’s Guernica was on display at this museum after Spain restored its democratic status.

The museum was built by Charles the third. Later on, Ferdinand the seventh and his court decided to use it at the Royal museum that would house the royal sculptures and paintings. Some of the better paintings that were put on display here are:

The Descent from the cross by Rogiers Weyden.

The garden of earthly delights by Bosch

Knight with his hand on his breast by El Greco

The Death of the virgin by Mantegna

The Death of the virgin by Mantegna

The holy family by Raphael

Christ washing the disciples feet by Tintoretto

Three Graces by Rubens

Three Graces by Rubens
The family of Charles the fourth by Goya.

The Museo Del La Trinidad and the Museo De Arte Moderno (which are closed now) have both their art collections incorporated into the Prado. One of the main spectacles of the museum is the bronze statue of Diego Velazquez, which is situated right at the entrance. A lot of sculpting, paintings, print and drawings were incorporated into the Prado museum through bequests, donations and purchases. The Museo Del Prado has the largest collection of Spanish art in the world. The museum also has many famous Italian and dutch, British, Greek and Roman sculpting and paintings.

Get historical, and get acquainted with the splendor of the many artists and sculptors; at the Museo Del Prado.

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