Get Enchanted in Girona, Spain

Posted On June 28, 2010 

Although not very famously known is the richest city in Spain, No, it’s not Madrid ! I am taking about the charming city of Girona. This is a city that exists from thousands of years and is the capital of Catalonia. The city is very beautifully maintained and if you take a walk out onto the uncrowded streets then you would know exactly what I am talking about!

Since the city is not that populated, it is quite difficult to get lost here. The city of Girona has a lot of historical importance as the city has been taken over by foreign colonies seven times. The entire town is enclosed, so to speak, with high rising walls that go high up and then lower continuously like a loop. These were built to protect the city during earlier times. You could even take a walk up these walls for free.

One of the most visited places in Girona is the cathedral. It is supposed to be the crown jewel of the city. Getting in would cost you about five Euro. It is believed that the twenty five brilliantly decorated chapels are haunted by ghosts. While in the city, you wont need to hire a car or even catch a bus ride for that matter. The city of Girona is very pedestrianized.

Girona Spain tourism

While you are here, you should :

Tale a long walk along the ancient walls of the city.

The Cafe and restaurants are offered spectacular menus and a perfect ambiance during the late evenings.

The nightlife here is brilliant. The locals call the whole thing “discoteca”.

The golf courses here in Girona are quite the talk of the town.

Places to eat :

Le Bistrot :
Said to have the most exquisitely designed staircase in town. Large tables set on the outside which provide a splendidLe Bistrot atmosphere and if you choose to sit in, then you can relax and have your meal next to the large courtyard windows.

Gran Murala :
the food here is mainly Japanese, Chinese and Thai. This is an awesome place if you fancy sushi!

Konig :
This is a chain of four restaurants around Girona. Everything from steaks to burgers and pizzas are available here.

La Dolce Vitta :
If you fancy biting into some scrumptious Italian food then this is your place.

Places to drink :

City arms

This place is a famous English pub serving you your local favorites. Of course in typical English style.

If your like drinking Irish style, come and let yourself loose on the various drinks available here.

Places to stay :

Equity point and Gran Hotel Ultonia are known for its cheap lodging and good service including, Internet, tours and tasty meals.

Come and experience Girona. A Town like no other place on earth and if you consider moving here then it is Oh yes, completely understandable !!

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  1. vareeja says:

    The ancient cathedral, which stood on the site of the present one, was used by the Moors as a mosque, and after their final expulsion was either entirely remodelled or rebuilt. The present edifice is one of the most important monuments of the school of the Majorcan architect Jaume Fabre and an excellent example of Spanish Gothic architecture

  2. Complete in depth information about Girona, Spain. I have never seen such type of conent ever in any blog. So Keep it up. Write good stories regarding live places to visit. thanks for posting.

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