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Imagine being in a place that is the worlds’ most famous site for the mining of black opal and other opal gemstones!

Lightening Ridge is a quiet town located in New South Wales, Australia. Also, this town is known to have the largest deposits of black opals on the earth. Because of its primary mining affiliations, this town has been doing very well in the tourism sector. Many trailer-camping parks have been set up. You can also try your hand at the local bowling club which is very friendly and is sure to give you a lesson or two if you need it !

lightning ridge australia

One of the most fun things about this town is its annual goat race. And on easter the town celebrate by having a rodeo ! Children ride the harnessed goats. And a lot of people come in and be a part of the local games. The following day, they do the same with horses.

annual goat race

If you are not really into horse back riding or watching a goat race, then don’t worry, the town has an Olympic size swimming pool which is partly covered and mostly open. If you come in during the summer then you also have water themed parks. Or, if you feel like some good old fashioned cooked meat then get your sauces and meat and get ready to have some fun because this complex comes fully equipped with barbecue facilities.

Lightning ridge also boasts of a wide variety of events like pistol shoots, bowls carnivals, golf tournaments and gem festivals.

If you would like to shop for opals then this is the place. The prices are incredibly cheap !

Some of the things that you could do here are :
  • Fossicking
    ‘Since August 1992, when the Mining Act 1992 commenced, fossicking licenses have not been required for fossicking in New South Wales. Under the terms of this Act, fossicking may now be carried out anywhere in the state providing the following conditions are met.
  • No other Act or law applies which would prevent it.
  • The consent of any public or local authority having the management, control or trusteeship of the land is obtained; and
  • The titleholder’s consent is also obtained, where the location is covered by a current title under the Mining Act 1992.’
  • Indulge in an elegant game of golf in the towns many local golf courses.
  • The Black Queen experience, a three-act play about life in the Outback. With a twist that you are sure to find ‘Completely surprising.’ Come and treat yourself to the award-winning show.
  • Bevan’s Black Opal and Cactus Nursery
  • Black Opal Tours: Get on the tour bus and have a guide give you a brief on the entire mining situation in the area.
  • The Bottle House: Have you ever see a structure built solely of the long neck beer bottles and mud ?

The Bottle House

Experience entertaining tours of different varieties and try your luck at fossicking for opals. Feel truly appreciated and relaxed. Put on your travel shoes and get down to the Lightning Ridge, Australia!!

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  1. vareeja says:

    Lightning Ridge has abundant hot water from a bore spring into the Great Artesian Basin and offers two hot water pools for bathing.

    The minerals make the water very healthy for external use and drinking. The public can tap mineral water at a hose in Harlequin Street. The Hot Artesian Bore Baths and Nettletons Shaft, on McDonald’s Six Mile Opal Field have been placed on the Register of the National Estate.

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