Brihadeeswara temple – One of the best Temples in Tamil Nadu

Posted On October 14, 2011 

Come to the temples in Tamil Nadu and enjoy the beauty that it exudes as you walk through this place. Here you would find the best temple made of granite and has the best kind of Chola architecture around. This is a great example of the grandeur exuded during the time of Raja Raja Chola I. Today a UNESCO world Heritage site this is a living example of the temples that have come alive from the Chola era.

Brihadeeswara temple

Also known as Peruvudaiyar temple this is the most prized structure in Tamil Nadu. Today located amongst a lot of walls that are fortified has a beautiful tower and the vimana is around 216 feet high. This is tallest tower in the whole world. There is a lovely structure on top and the tip of the temple is a pot which is called the Kumbham. An idol of Nandi is there as we enter the Brihadeeswara temple and this is around 16 feet in length and around 13 feet in height. The granite stones with which the temple is constructed is said to have been built in the 10th century during the time of Raja Raja Chola. In the year 2010 this temple completed 1000 years of existence.

Idol of Nandi at Brihadeeswara temple

Lying on the banks of a river Brihadeeswara temple has many different kinds of constructions. We enter the temple through a tower which has fiver storeys. There is another access which is entered through the main central area. There is a smaller tower here. The entire size of the main dome is around 63 meters in height. The dome is very hollow in the interiors and around 16 stories. There are piles of piers, columns and pilaster that are arranged rhythmically on the dome.

The Brihadeeswara temple is in the centre of the square space. There are many smaller temples that are found in the main temple. There are inner pavilions which have walls around them. There is a huge linga inside and the Dravidian kind of architecture which is found here is amazing. The beautifully decorated entrance is mesmerizing, and the inner chamber has the main god. This is the garbhagriha or the sanctum sanctorum. There is the bathing hall here which is said to have been used by Raja Raja for giving gifts.

Dravidian architecture
People circumambulate around the sanctum sanctorum and feel the energy and vibration and the past Chola greatness exudes its chivalry here one of the best temples in Tamil Nadu.

The inner temple is connected to a patio outside which has around 20 columns. There are staircases which lead you towards the lower portion of the area. There is an open area which has the Nandi located. The Nandi is the Indian God Lord Shiva’s mount.

There are two walls surrounding the main temple. The wall on the outer side is high and there is a great gateway that is worth a mention. There is a portico here which has 400 pillars. The pillars and the towers and the temples are all the beauty that the place is worth visiting.

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