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Posted On November 18, 2011 

Come to the land of South India and get enchanted by the great Indian temple tour. This is the place where you will find the best of temple architecture and the most fascinating sights that could ever dominate your memories.

Visit the Meenakshi temple and go to the state of Tamil Nadu where you would have a great masterpiece of architectural elegance and beautiful monuments. This was constructed by the Pandyan King Kulasekara and the temple is testimony to many historical events of the past. The presiding deity is Lord Siva and this is the place where every devotee wishes to be there on a pilgrimage tour in India. The Nayaks renovated the entire place and the temple with its high enclosures is a great living legend of the past mythology of Indian origin. Meenakshi the Goddess and Shiva are seen seated in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and the beautifully carved structures in the temple give the entire place a great look.

Meenakshi temple

With more than 985 carve and sculpted pillars the temple is a beautiful piece of South Indian architecture. The temple has a great pillar hall and the whole place has a kind of vibration which is difficult to resist. The granite bases are of solid rock and the towers soar high in the sky. There are beautiful paintings and drawings of mythical animals and monsters which surround the temple area. The pyramidal structure of the gopuras are the mainstay of the temple.

Then come to the Rock Fort Temple in the land of South India. Situated in the Tiruchirapalli area this is another pilgrim spot that is dominated by the devotees. The temple was a construction of the Pallava period and the Nayakas brought it to the present position. The deity who is worshipped here is the kangaala Moorthy who is believed to be one of the great manifestations of Lord Shiva.

Rock Fort Temple

There is another temple Manikka Vinayakar temple which is situated at the base of the huge hill. The Ucchi Pillayar Koil is at the top and the Taayumaanavar Koyil Shivastalam at the centre of the hill. Innumerable steps lead up to the temple. This temple is one of the few Indian temples that have the best of carvings that have made out of Rock Mountain. The temple has a great many festivals and the float festivals and the Brahmotsavam festivals are very popular here.


Then visit the Badami Cave temples where which are a unique representation of cave structured temples. They are situated in the northern part of Karnataka. This temple was found by Pulakeshi sometime in the sixth century AD. Around four temples of cave architecture have been built in the typical Chalukyua style and this makes the temple very interesting and intriguing.

Badami Cave temples

Of course the Tirupati temple is major part of a South Indian temple tour. Then of course you could go to Kancheepuram and then the Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram.

Padmanabhaswamy temple

The Guruvayoor temple and the Sabari Mala temples are the other important temples in the land of South India.

Guruvayoor temple

Temple culture is very predominant in Indian and all the Indian devotees like to worship their favourite land in this land of culture and tradition.

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