Udipi – Come into Lord Krishna’s arms

Posted On November 4, 2011 

Do come to Udipi in the state of Karnataka in India and get to see the best of the seven pilgrim spots. Many pious devotes here are seen to crowd the entire place and throng in large numbers. All of them come here to catch a glimpse of Lord Krishna. This temple has the unique feature and that is that the Lord is worshipped only through a window. This window has nine holes and they are called the Navagraha Kitiki. There is lot of carving work on the window and these are also plated with silver. There is a tradition in this temple of worshipping the Lord only thought a window, so the temple is very famous and intriguing.

The Udipi Shri Krishna Mutt is a popular place of pilgrimage for many Hindus. It is a temple that is dedicated to the Indian god Krishna. The entire math area almost calms frayed nerves and senses. This temple is believed to be of at least 1500 years of origin.

Udipi Shri Krishna Mutt

The place lies around sixty kilometers from Mangalore and is considered to be the main resting place of Shri Krishna. It is a great pilgrim spot in South India and there is also the holy temple of the lord and the birthplace of Shri Madhawacharya. He is the founder of the Dwaita Philosophy. This saint was one of the great Acharyas. IT is said that the idol of Lord Sri Krishna was discovered from a Ship. It is said that Shri Krishna saved a storm destroying the ship. It is also said that Madhawacharya could bless the area with a calm weather. There is a story of how he saved an entire storm from rampaging the entire place. It is said that he was praying in the morning on the shore of Malpe when he found a ship sailing in the sea and was also in danger because of the rough weather.

It is also said that King Rama Bhoja was a great believer of Sage Parashurama. He got a stature installed. This was the Anantheshwara statue. He performed a penance so that Daksha Prajapati could relieve him of the curse. Chandra mediated on a place and today that is Udipi. Udu means a star and pa means a follower. In Udipi normally people visit Chandreshwara, and the Anantheswara temples, and then go to see the Sri Krishna temple. The installation of the Sri Krishna statue at Udipi also has many stories attached to it.

Anantheswara temples

One story says that the main Sri Krishna statues got covered with holy sandalwood. A Dwarka sailor loaded this and this ship caught in a storm. The ship was headed to Malpe. Then Madhawacharya sensing that they were all in trouble meditated and got the ship safely to the shore. Apparently he raised his hand and stopped the noise. Madhawacharya took the sandalwood piece and installed it in the mutt.

There is another story which says that the storm crashed the ship and the statues also sank. Then Sri Madhawacharya came here and one just travelled to Malpe and took the statue out from the ocean.

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