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Carcassonne which is also known as Carcassona is a equipped French settlement located in the Aude département, of which it is the region, in the previous region of Languedoc. It is separated into the equipped Cité de Carcassonne many other expansive lower city such as the ville basse. The folketymology which involves a châtelaine which is known as the Carcas, a trick that’s used to end a blockade and the merry sound of chimes. The castle was systematically restored in the years 1853 by the well-known theorist as well as an architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc. Carcassonne was been placed in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in the year 1997.

During the medieval fiefdom, the county of Carcassonne used to control the city and its surrounding environments. Most of the time, it has been united with the County of Razès. The beginning of Carcassonne as a county most likely lie in local legislature of the Visigoths, but the first count which is known is known as the Charlemagne’s Bello of the time. Later Bello had found a new dynasty and named it the Bellonids. It had ruled numerous honores in Septimania as well as the Catalonia for nearly three centuries.


Carcassonne’s role in the Albigensian Crusades made it quite famous and people started knowing more about the place. It was the time when the city was a throttlehold of occitan catharsis. In month of August of the year 1209 the crusading military of Simon de Montfort made the locals to completely surrender. When Raymond-Roger de Trencavel was imprisoned and died, Montfort declared himself as the new viscount. He added to the protection walls to the castle. Carcassonne thus became a boundary citadel which lay between the France and the kingdom of Aragon which is today’s Spain.

You need to fly down into the Carcassonne’s airport, even if you are taking a flight from the U.S. reckon a place over somewhere in Europe. Once you reach Europe there is a free shuttle service available into the city. The free shuttles are from the month of May up to November. The shuttle is an electric car which is used during the before time spring and late fall, there is a shuttle bus service available in the summer season. This shuttle service starts from La Cite and goes up to the lower city. The city’s bus is also used in the winter. Remember that the bus services are not available on Sundays.

Basilica of Saint-NazaireIn the year 1067 the Carcassonne came up under the property of viscount of Albi, Raimond Bernard Trencavel and also the Nîmes. This happened as he got married to Ermengard who was the sister of the last count of the Carcassonne. In the subsequent years the Trencavel family associated in sequence either with the counts of Toulouse or Barcelona. They had constructed the Basilica of Saint-Nazaire and the Château Comtal. In the year 1096 Pope Urban II sacred the base stones that were a part of the novel church, which is a Catholic citadel against the Cathars.

You have an option of the French Rail Pass if you are planning to fly to Paris and visit the various other French destinations. You can book the French Rail pass before hand. Online registration for the same is also available. If you are using a train service and living in La Cite, you will require steering through the city’s bus services or either boards a taxi.

The weather throughout the city is good through out the year so it is always a good time to visit it. The temperature is quite temperate in the whole year, but select the visiting time according to the season you like. In the winter season most of the tourist’s attractions are closed a little earlier. Spring and the fall are the perfect time to give a visit to the city.

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