New Orleans resting on the rim of Mississippi river

Posted On March 18, 2010 

New Orleans is for sure a very seductive city. Located in Louisiana State of America, the city is placed in between the Lake Pontchartrian, which is located to the north and River Mississippi, which is located to the south. The various city areas are designated as downriver or upriver areas depending upon the location of the area in connection to the River Mississippi.

New Orleans is over and over again stated as purely the ‘Big Easy’, owing to its negligent approach, as well as this metropolitan has developed a sturdy tourist representation of a festivity township, with most important jazz venues as well as specific Creole pressures. The French Quarter, which is located in New Orleans is a predominantly momentous district, which consist of almost 80 blocks in the region of the lively Jackson Square that is frequently overflowing with fortune tellers, street musicians and artists.

A desired city of several A-list Hollywood artists, countless well-known celebrities have bought home in the city of New Orleans LouisianaNew Orleans, to name a few Brad Pitt, Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie. Highly praised talk-show host as well as comedienne, Ellen DeGeneres as well enjoys tough connections with New Orleans city. For all the authorized visitor information, several diverse outlets offer themselves to explorers. These take account of the New Orleans Welcome Center located on St. Ann Street, which is located in the core of the energetic French Quarter as well as enjoys outlooks crossways Jackson Square. Placed on Decatur Avenue, the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park Visitor Center is as well of note.

New Orleans is home to numerous outstanding accommodation alternatives, which includes several of the most remarkable hotels located in Louisiana. Hotels in the city of New Orleans are normally rationally priced as well as are mainly concerted in the region of the Marigny district, Warehouse district or the Central Business District (CBD) , the French Quarter, the Garden district, Uptown as well as on the brink of the adjacent Louis Armstrong Airport (MSY). On the other hand, don’t forget that for the duration of both the yearly Mardi Gras as well as Jazz Fest, lodging is both pricey and scarce.

New Orleans city serves its visitors with a number of top-notch visitor attractions, which includes the Aquarium of the Americas, located within Uptown, placed on the right edge of Mississippi River, also contains a spectacular display of aquatic natural world; Audubon Zoo, which is time after time standing as Audubon Zooone of the most excellent zoological gardens across USA; Bourbon Street, which is the world-famous strip of the city overflowing with jazz clubs as well as lively bars, shaping the heart of nightlife in the metropolitan; the Entergy IMAX Theater, which contains a massive horizontal monitor, with lofty clarity 3D capacities; the French Market, which is oldest as well as continuously operated market of the city and actually a paradise for all shoppers; as well as Jackson Square that forms the heart of the lively French Quarter.

Other admired attractions across New Orleans consist of Audubon Park, which is a huge park located within the Uptown region, extending from University of Tulane up to the River Mississippi; the Café Du Monde, which was established in the year 1862 as well as a proper symbol; City Park which is known to be the majority loved park across the city New Orleans, featuring extraordinary countryside gardens; a famous Lafayette Cemetery by emerging in ‘Interview with the Vampire’ by Anne Rice; also the Old Ursuline Convent, which is referred to as the oldest structure across Louisiana, boasting a possessions of local olden times; as well as the Old US Mint, which is at the present covering the Newcomb College of Art as well as a admired jazz museum.

Old Ursuline Convent

Best time to visit New Orleans

The best time of the year to visit New Orleans is in the months of April and May, you can plan your visit’s according to the various events taking place in the city.

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8 Responses to “New Orleans resting on the rim of Mississippi river”
  1. Irene says:

    Have never heard much about New Orleans but after reading this article it seems to be a nice place.

  2. Jade says:

    New Orleans is a quiet and sound place. It is not much into hep and light but a very good place to visit.

  3. Kemp says:

    This place has got many things to see and it seems to be growing day by day.

  4. Lance says:

    The beautiful Mississippi river flowing by the side and wonderful city to view.

  5. mac says:

    Very soon This city is going to be in the list of amazing places for vacations

  6. Nicole says:

    There was a time when nothing was developed in Orleans and now it is making a mark.

  7. Olliver says:

    1 thing is for sure that big Hollywood stars won’t make a house or a villa until it is worth to stay in that place.

  8. vareeja says:

    The New Orleans area is home to numerous celebrations, the most popular of which is Carnival, often referred to as Mardi Gras. Carnival officially begins on the Feast of the Epiphany, also known as the “Twelfth Night”. Mardi Gras (French for “Fat Tuesday”), the final and grandest day of festivities, is the last Tuesday before the Catholic liturgical season of Lent, which commences on Ash Wednesday.

    The largest of the city’s many music festivals is the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Commonly referred to simply as “Jazz Fest”, it is one of the largest music festivals in the nation, featuring crowds of people from all over the world, coming to experience music, food, arts, and crafts. Despite the name, it features not only jazz but a large variety of music, including both native Louisiana music and international artists.

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