Green experiences at the Cousine Islands

Posted On January 25, 2013 

Come to the beautiful land of Seychelles and enjoy the lovely environment and ambience here. In the beautiful waters of the magnificent Indian Ocean, lies a pristine island on earth. This is the Cousine Island which is a priceless piece of land here and is a favourite of all those who visit this part of the world. Cousine islands are one of the 113 islands. These group of islands are located around 1600 m from Kenya.

There are basically four kinds of proper planning. The four villas in the islands are located just around metres from beach. Cousine Island and Spa is a greet resort for all of us and if you can get here then you are in the most perfect destination. Luxury or service is never given a compromise.

Cousine Islands

Cousine Island gives the best opportunity of viding an island that did not make public its beauty but made the tourist want to come back for more. With the best kind of hospitality and it is a home away from home. There are tortoises and birds that welcome you so be ready for a lot of interaction. You also get to see the skinks, which are found sitting quietly and nibble. There are many activities here so enjoy the snorkeling trips and walk besides of course the night safaris and the snorkeling trips. There would be conservation staff would be alongwith you in visits and would throw a light not he conversation that you had at the end of the day.

Rent an island and enjoy the travels here. There re mutton birds of shear water chicks which are sold as meat here and the shells and meat of turtles used to be killed for eating. Casuarinas plantation today occupy the place that was occupied by the natural habitat. The wood here was sold as firewood and poultry, livestock and a coconut plantation was the source of food for the people living n the Cousine Island.

Snorkeling Trips

It was in 1992, that the major potential of the island was noticed and it was then kept separate as a Conservation island. There were many habitat restorations that were carried out and at least 8000 trees have been planted here. Huge tortoises were saved and they were taken care of properly and allowed to roam without fear. Then the Seychelles Magpie robin was brought in the years 1993 to 1996. In the year 2000, the Sooty terns were seen again here in Cousine Island. They were brought here to breed. It is said that the terns were not found in this island for at least 30 years. In 2007, Cousine Island saw the Seychelles White eye entering here. The island today is a great haven not only for animals and birds butt also for man.

Seychelles Island

Tourism here started sometime in 2000, and there is a certain excitement in visiting the island as it gives you complete privacy and you could have your own escape to heaven here. The guests here also know how to keep the balance of enjoyment and sound here and the unique manner in which man and nature have combined here is something not to be missed.

Cousine was actually a place where runaway slaves used to be kept. Today it is a great travel destination with the best of ambience and the most of travel delights. People come here and enjoy to their heart’s content, as it is truly a fantastic paradise. Cousine Island is one of the rare places that have quietly been existing without many knowing about it. Today its sheer surroundings and amazing ambience have made it one of the top destinations in tourism in the world.

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