Enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage Water Body Lake Baikal

Posted On May 13, 2013 

Lake Baikal is one of the most beautiful water bodies in the eastern part of Siberia in Russia. This is the deepest and the biggest freshwater lake in the entire world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are beautiful ranges in the Baikal Valley and you have the Baikal Mountains surrounding the entire area. The River Angara is the only outflow water body of this lake. Tourists come from across the world just to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sights of the valleys and the rivers and the majestic ranges.

Not all the lakes in the world are as famous as the Lake Baikal, and the simple travel delights here are what make it a favoured spot. Lakes are temporary water bodies, and in the end dry up with the changing geological conditions. Thus, it is rightly a UNESCO World Heritage site so that it is preserved well and it is protected from getting dried up.

Tours here include visits to the Ikhon Island, which is the largest island here. It is a wonderful attraction in Siberian tours and is amazingly beautiful with a diverse landscape and a vibrant culture.

Lake Baikal in Russia

Enjoy tours to the Vitimsky Nature Reserve, the Baikalo Lensy Reserve, the Baikalsky Nature Reserve, and many other such reserves in this region.

You can participate in the six day cross country race that takes place in July. Starting from the Buguldeyka village it goes past the Olkhon region and terminates at the Yelantsy region in the south.

Breathtaking In Lake Baikal

Visitors also love to buy souvenirs which are sold near the omul sellers. They are much cheaper than the other Russian cities. Boats at the main dock take the tourists when they are not involved in fishing. It is interesting to settle a deal with these people.

Tours to Lake Baikal provide ideal tour delights in travels so come here and enjoy the beautiful pleasures of a heavenly locale.

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