Some interesting hotels of the world

Posted On January 7, 2013 

Come to the beautiful hotels in the world and enjoy your stays here. Some hotels just fascinate you and there are others, which completely amaze you. Let us see the following hotels and go on a wonder trip around the world.

Visit United States and enjoy the Beckham Creejk Haven in Ozarks in Arkansas. You can spend the night here in the living cave. This is how the hotel is. It is very exciting and bizarre and there is only excitement and adventure written all over.

Then there is the Dog Bark Inn, which is the worlds’ largest beagle to be the best bed and breakfast joint for you to take home to. This is good looking friendly dog structure and takes you round a memorable experience.

Beautiful hotels
Visit the Jules Undersea Lodge and enjoy the pleasures of scuba diving. This is the best scuba diving region of Florida and this hotel mainly is for those scuba divers who love to enjoy their holidays with a new concept each time. There are packages of underwater wedding and a limited room service.

Then if you are in Canada then you could stay in the Ice Hotel. This is a place where you would have amazing walls and furniture too. It is simply surprising how you could decorate your hotels in a unique and simple way. Amazing Hotels There is a giant block of ice on which you would sleep and it is open from January to March.

Ice Hotel
Then there is the Asakusa Capsule Hotel in Japan. The Japanese think years ahead of the world and now they come up with this new concept. It is very semblant of a football field. It is very much like a submarine and here are many minuscule capsules stacked above to make rooms for everyone. There are good parties here and the entire experience of being here is fascinating there are complimentary rooms with a panic button.

Then visit the Utter Inn in Sweden and enjoy this floating underwater hotel in Stockholm. There are paddle facilities, which you could take up and oar across in the river. This is a place where you would also love to go to an out house floating trap and where you would want to rest for some more time. Meaning Otter Inn in English, this is a great underwater hotel and most of the tourists love coming here. You can paddle for a kilometre on the lake and here is where the small lies out house in the middle of the sea. There is a lot of space here and you would surely enjoy in the confines of this beautiful island delight. The bedroom is ten feet below the water. Sleep in a beautiful aquarium where you are inside and the fish is outside and enjoy your tours here.

Beautiful aquarium
The Harbour Crane in Haringten in Amsterdam is another lovely place that is situated on the quay and has luxury rooms for two. The sea levels determine the height of the hotel and it is normally around 17metres to 49 metres high. The view from the top is really spectacular and the main reason for excitement in living in this unique hotel. This is a favourite of all the boys and provides an interesting hotel stay.

The hotel also has a facility for a lifeboat and lighthouse accommodation. People make reservations more than five months in advance.

Visit Hotel Everland in France and enjoy art at its best. This is a mobile hotel and it moves locations, counters, and places. It is museum by day and it travels at night.”

Hotel everland
The Das Park hotel is another lovely hotel made in the form of a giant concrete sway pipe. This is very interesting and provides a greatly creative experience. The sewage pipe rooms are found on a campground and the main faculties fill your stays here with a lot of comfort and luxury.

The Hobbit Motel in Woodlyn Park is another lovely hotel in Ottorohanga in New Zealand. It is an exact duplicate of the hobbit homes. There is a contemporary inside and a fashionable exterior. At Woodlyn Park, you can also live in a ship, plane, and train if the hobbits do not enchant you.

Woodlyn park
The Panama Canopy Tower Observatory and Ecolodges is the next in queer hotels. So if you are a bird lover and nature enthusiast you could enjoy the pleasures of the entire region from the old radar tower here. The room is a 30 feet high dome and also has a bedroom in the upper level. It has many windows and there is also a lower level for enjoying the sights of the birds.

So hotels are a way of making your travels specials and if they are bizarre and unusual, hotels then nothing like it.

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