The Top Green Destinations In The World

Posted On March 21, 2012 

Travels across the world could be made more interesting if we choose some of the best eco destinations which would fill our travels with the most ideal tour delights and the most memorable travel pleasures. Let us get to know some of the loveliest green destinations in the entire world.


Brazil is one of the largest wetlands which are surely becoming a great green destination in this part of the world. Today this is the best ground for the beef industry which gives a lot of travel pleasures to the tourist coming here. With the stretches of forest, fields, and the most enchanting ranches, alongwith the lazy waterways that enthrall the tourist, Brazil is one destination that gives the best sights of the convenient ecolodges which are a major part of tourism here. So enjoy the sights of the wetlands and the green land here and canoe down the Caiman Rivers and also enjoy the horseback rides with the Pantaneiros along with the most enthralling scenes in the nature walks which are the best ways you could enjoy this green destination. Enjoy the sights of the 380 species of birds here and the 60 kinds of mammals in these regions and come back delighted.



Dubai is another region which is surprisingly an eco destination. The Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa has a great conservation reserve which has the best sights for any green destination. This has the Arabian oryx which is one of the rarest animals found in the planet. The government has thus formed a great green locale here in this part of the world and allowed the tourist to have the pleasures of enjoying a green reserve in this part of Dubai. With the comfort of a 40 room super deluxe resort this is a land with the best heritage of the Bedouins. There are more than 6000 indigenous trees here alongwith some of the best shrubs and grasses. Enjoy the desert safaris, the camel treks and also archery here.

Al Maha Desert Resor


Portland is another place in United States which is a great green destination. Here there is a law which forbids people from using anything made out of polystryerne. So enjoy the absolutely green destination which is famous for using the renewable sources and also participates in most of the recycling activities. Portland has some of the best Green Seal certified hotels and gives the tourist an idea of practicing recycling, water conservation and also imbibes a habit of conserving water. Travels in Portland are considered one of the most sustainable in the entire world. So come here and enjoy this lovely land of greenery and eco based travel delights.


San Francisco

Then you have San Francisco which has a very long history of being green all the time. This is a city that has a great link between tourism and conservation. There are laws here that ban plastic bags and promote cycling and green purchasing. San Francisco has the Moscone Centre that has been a sustainable convention centre management hub. This is a centre that has achieved the impossible task to composting, recycling etc as a way of life. It generates its own energy from a solar power conductor on the roof and also contributes to the city’s green experiences.Moscone center

Banff Lake Louise

Visit Banff Lake Louise in Canada which is another great centre which participates in recycling, hybrid transit and composting. There are lot of programs here which make people aware about the kind of green contribution you could do to the world.

Green destinations are waiting for that little pat by the aware tourists so make use of this well and bask in the travel pleasures. Travel and tourism requires that we are not able to spread the message of saving the planet but also give ourselves a reason to make ourselves useful in the course of going round places. Such green destination ensure that your tours are a worthwhile benefit.

Banff Lake Louise

Enjoy some of the green destinations in the world and come back delighted with such travels.

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