Snorkeling In The Far-Off Anse La Roche

Posted On January 4, 2010 

In the Windward Islands of the eastern Caribbean, to its southern end are the Islands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Carriacou Island is in fact the southernmost part of all the Grenadines which groups about 200 islands.

Unlike the other Islands, Carriacou is pretty much untouched by too much tourism and is know fro its unspoiled tranquil beaches. One such beach here is the beach of Anse La Roche, to the north of Grenada by 23 miles and 90 miles north of Venezuela.


The Carriacou Island is just about 830 miles from the equator.  This gives the Island a tropical climate. Most of the rains occur in the months from June to November and the rest of the year can be categorized as dry season.

Anse la roche carriacou

However, it’s sunny and bright even in the rainy season. The rains are heavy but they have a short duration and mostly occur at night.

In a nutshell, any time of the year is good for a visit to the Carriacou Island and to enjoy the Anse La Roche Beach.

How to reach

By flight, you will have to take the airlines from US to Grenada, which has connecting flights to the Island of Carriacou. From East Coast and Chicago, for instance, there are the Air Jamaica airlines. From Trinidad, you can take the Caribbean airlines to Grenada.

From other places such as Miami, San Juan or Puerto Rico, American Airlines offers its services.

Again, there are connecting flights to the Carriacou Island from Barbados. Other major airlines operating here are the Air Canada, Caribbean Airlines and British Airways among others.

From Europe, London is connected to Barbados and to Grenada as well by British Airways, Excel airways and Virgin Atlantic airlines.

From Frankfurt, the services to Grenada are offered by the Condor Airlines.

Other than air routes, you can also take ferries to Carriacou Island from Grenada.

Carriacou Island is best explored by foot, though you can rent taxis, bikes, and cycles as well to get around.

What to do

The beach of Anse La Roche is one of the spectacular beaches of the Carriacou Island. This is fairly remote, located on the northern tip of Grenada and hence a bit difficult to access, though that makes it all the more charming.

Because of its remoteness, the natural charms of the Anse La Roche Beach remain intact and unspoiled by the touristy glitters. Even the difficult mile long trail to the beach adds to the experience here.

coral reefsThe water along its sandy beach is clear and with coral reefs just off the shore, which makes it a good site for snorkeling. The only public facility here is a small shelter in the center of the Bay, set up by the tourism board where you can also get some information about this place.

About 100 feet off the shore is a rock formation which provides a habitat to a variety of marine life which not only attract the tourists, but also the Pelicans which sit on the rock waiting for their prey to come in sight.
coloured reef fish
Huge brain corals, Creole wrasse, rays and other coloured reef fishes create a vibrant sight beneath the crystal clear water for snorkelers to marvel at.

The spot is good for spear fishing and attract the locals to rocks on this beach.

On the foot of the High North Range, this beach of Anse La Roche attracts travelers who are looking for a refuge in a relaxed, secluded environment, away from the crowds that are characteristic of most of the beaches at Caribbean.

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