Yellowstone National Park One Of the Best Wildlife Destinations

Posted On May 29, 2013 

While you are on a wildlife destination, do make sure to visit the Yellowstone National Park, which has the maximum sights of wildlife and the best kind of wildlife experiences. Filled with natural ambience the sight of the resident elk herd, feeding on the tasty tender green grass shoots growing around this region is something special. Besides you would get to see a grizzly bear and the fascinating bison herd which all more than add up to your excitement and adventure on tours here. Spot the wolf in the Lamar Valley and your travel kitty is filled to the brim with treasured memories.

Most of the tourists coming here love the green ambience, the fascinating sights, and the memorable tours with natural experiences. The park is a major travel locale for everyone and as you drive up the grand loop road, you would always cherish the sights of a great expanse of land filled with visual delights and tour ecstasies.

Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park

This is incidentally the first National Park in the world and spans over an area of 2,219,789 acres. It has seven species of ungulates, which includes the Pronghorn, elk, moose, and bison. It has two kinds of bear species and around 67 other mammals. There are 322 species of birds here along with the gray wolf and 16 species of fish.

Pronghorn at Yellowstone National Park Elk in Yellowstone National Park

The park has the largest calderas with more than 10,000 thermal features. There are at least 300 geysers here and this area also has the petrified forests, which are one of the largest in the entire world. More than 290 waterfalls dominate the place and with 9 visitor centres and 12 campgrounds, the Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful land filled with memorable pleasures.

Bear in Yellowstone National Park Calm Falls at Yellowstone National Park

The park is witness to an abundant Spring, a sunny Summer, a calm Fall, and a serene winter. You can choose any time to visit this place.

With all this and more, visits to the Yellowstone National Park is unique and special.

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