Sri Lanka the country of beautiful parks and rich tea and culture

Posted On August 2, 2010 

Apart from the highest quality tea , Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful beaches , its world famous gemstones, and its dense and lush forest regions.

This place was earlier known as Ceylon. This is an island that lies in south Asia , just under India.

This place is also a very strategic place as its connects the east to the west. This place opens up major sea routes. The this is located exactly about thirty kilometers off the southern coast of India.

Sri Lanka tourism
This place is a major religious center for Buddhism. Places like ladakh , bhutan and the tracts of Chittagong hill. Because of these places as well , this region has become one of the largest centers for Hindu tourism. The majority of the population here is Sinhalese. The northern part of this place has a lot of Tamil people. And these are the largest of the ethnic minority. . There are other communities that include moors, kaffirs, Malay and veddas.

This country is famous for its many different industries.

The country makes tea , coffee cinnamon , rubber and coconuts. These are grown locally and in most of the farms . Sri lanka has many beautiful forests, many beaches and beautiful landscapes. Now this place has become a major tourist destination, attracting tourists from all over the world. Also known as a cultural heritage the people here have a very hospitable nature.

sri lanka tea plantations
The great land was ruled by many different kingdoms that came across the region.

The Portuguese and Netherlands was one of the first kingdoms to conquer this region . later this place was ruled by the British empire.

This place was also used as an important base for world war one by the allied forces. They were fighting the war against the Japanese empire.

During the early twentieth century , the British after careful and peaceful negotiation gave this country its political independence.. during the eighties, this was changed to the democratic and socialist republic of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka literary in Sanskrit means venerable island. This place is a very integral part of the Ramayana.

This amazing island , lies in the Indian ocean. It also lies in the southwest side of the bay of Bengal. According to the great Hinduism mythology, the land bridge here which was also Ramas bridge was constructed by the vanara architect nala, during the lifetime of Rama.

This is now big chain of limestone coals and is now famously called Adams bridge. This chain of coals lies calmly above sea level.

This place was a natural causeway and it was also used until recently. Although during the eighties , there was a violent storm that destroyed a lot of this place.

There are a lot of rolling plains and flat plains as well s, spread out across the terrain.

There is a place here called the wet zone , which likes to the south eastern part of the country. This place also gets heavy rainfall which is a major boon for the vast farming culture of this country.

Between October and January I when the rains falls the most . During the rest of the year; there is negligible rainfall , if there happens to be any .

The yala national park is one of the most visited places here in the country. The wilpattu national park is also quite famous here. The variety of fauna and flora is just amazing. The wildlife is quite diverse with storks , pelicans , ibis and even spoonbills. This island has about four biosphere reserves.

yala national park
Sri lanka has a tropical climate. The climate changes regionally over the country and the whole transition is quite dramatic and even looked forward to by the locals.

The majority of the population speaks Sinhalese and a fair amount of people here even speak Tamil.

If you are in Colombo then English is also quite prevalent here , although it isn’t so common in the other parts of the country.

Some of the major cities here are


This is the largest city and also is sri lankas trade hub.






nuwara eliya



polonnaruwa is a famous place for the ruins of ancient capitals which are now even partially restored.


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