The amazing Yucatan Peninsula

Posted On July 19, 2010 

You usually always get to go to a destination that has something for everyone. Over here at the Yucatan peninsula, there are a loads and loads of things that everyone can do. So whether you’re planning to run on the beach or just relax in your shack.  Cancun has it all. There are suites made especially or people coming over by cruises and also you have the great Mayan ruins and many old colonial towns.

Yucatan Peninsula

There are various centers for diving. And the beaches are lovely with ancient ruins decorating them.

You can chose to drive around as is easier to get a car hired and go everywhere.

Cancun is close to the airport; this makes it easy to arrive into without much hassle.

You might first want to go and check out Playa del Carmen. This is one of the nicest beaches in all of Mexico. The area is also famous for its golf courses.

Playa del Carmen
An eighteen-hole golf course called Puerto Costa Maya.  There are many activities here like dune buggy-ing and kayaking.

Snorkeling at the Great Mayan reef is world famous and renowned for its beautiful aquatic fauna.

Great Mayan reef
Over here in Cancun most of the tourist attractions are close to each other so it’s easy for the tourists to move around and go to many different places in short periods of time.

Try Cenote diving which is diving in the underground caverns and tunnels in the ocean.

Cenote diving

The temperature of the water is always stable and warm. The wildlife here is amazing. You will get to see spider monkeys at the Puaax Yetel Kooh Nature Park.

Once you are done with the park, get adventurous and go visit the Tulum ruins.

Tulum ruins
Next on the list is Chichen Itza.  This place is just off the local highway. The speciality of this world famous ruin is that it lines up in a perfect astronomical precision with other ruins in the region. This place used to be a commercial, spiritual and cultural center for the Mayan people.

You should arrange to go here during the spring equinox. When the buildings all get aligned the shadow of a large snake can be seen on the side of the temple.

There is another temple complex at Valladolid. Once you are done exploring this place, head over to Rio Lagartos, this tiny village is famous for its flamingoes.  If you are much into avifauna, it would be best if you take a boat ride on the lake.

After you have fed your appetite for bird watching; come to Merida. This happens to be Yucatan’s cultural capital. Besides of course, being the cities official capital. Here you will find lovely hotels cafes and small museums.

The main market place here is the Mercado municipal Lucas de Galvez.

Here you will find all the goodies that are made locally like hand decorated shirts, different kinds of baskets, pottery items, hammocks and Panama hats.

While you are in the market try the local delicacy, the pit baked pork.

Check back here in a week for part two of the amazing Yucatan peninsula.

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