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Posted On November 27, 2009 

Delphi has an honor of being a modern town in Greece as well as one of the most important as well as archeological site in Greece. Delphi is located in the valley of Phocis on the south-western slope of the Mount Parnassus. Delphi played the role of being the site of the Delpic oracle which is supposed to be the most important among the various oracles of the Greek world. It was supposed to be a major site for the worship of the god Apollo. He protected the navel of the Earth by slewing Delphi Greecea python that lived there. Krisa was the ancient name of the site. The most scared place of god Apolla was a Panhellenic Sanctuary. Every four year Pythian Games take place here. For the Pythian Games athletes from various part of the Greek world come here to participate in the games. Pythian Games are the ancient look of the modern day Olympic Games.

Throughout the Greek world, Delphi was respected as the site of Omphalos stone. Ompohalos stone is supposed to be the centre of the earth as well as the universe. Another such legend involved with Delphi as well as Apollo is told as while waking from north to Delphi he did stopped at Tempe, the city in Thessaly a picked a plant named Laurel. It is believed that the Laurel plant was sacred for him. The winner of the Pythian Games is awarded with the circlet of Laurel.

The oracle at the sanctuary which was always been dedicated to Apollo during the classical period is the major attraction in Delphi. It is also believed that the oracle has their origin in the pre-historic period; also that it was used for the worship of Gaia. A sound increase in the artifacts was found of the 8th century that stated about the settlement site in Delphi. A huge amount of bronze ad Pottery was found. No objects that were found proved that the place was having an attention of many worshippers.

The village of Kastri has successfully acquired the site since the early medieval times. Before the starting of the digging of the site it was required to relocate the residents of this village but the villagers denied it. The village was later relocated when an earthquake took place.

The complex design of the temple as well as the sanctuary was components of Corinthian and the Doric classification. The Temple of Apollo in delphisame architecture continued for many years. The temple of Apollo was later reconstructed by Spintharus in 373 BC. Four different sections of the sites were reconstructed. The French excavation team reconstructed the treasury of the Athenians with the help of the sponsorship of the Mayor of Athens. The original materials were used for the reconstruction of the treasury. The Greek Archaeological Services reconstructed The Altar of the Chians in the year 1959. Temple of Apollo and Tholos required very little reconstructions.

Athens/Ben Epps Airport (AHN), Athens, Georgia is the nearest airport which is easily reachable from any national as well as international city. Later you need to take a car from Athens to reach Delphi. The journey normally takes 90 minutes. The drive is very much boring. The best time to visit the place is in winter season.

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