Arts and Drama in Dublin

Posted On September 6, 2010 

The cocktail tale that are here on the sidewalk of the Grogans pub are usually filled with a surprisingly energetic working crowd the situation here in Ireland is just amazing. . There is a long summer of twilight here in Dublin. The weather is warm and orangey and a little slumbering.  It seems as though the sky is lit artificially.

Celebrities also visit these places quite frequently. The theater here is quite different from the there in London and America. There is a colorful mix of American, British and Irish actors over here walking through some of the streets here.  Also the people here are quite open to the different forms of plays that the actors can come up with. There is no certain expectation as such and the crowd doesn’t usually take offence to the things that go on in the plays.

Dublin Ireland

You could take a four day visit to this place, try maybe during the summer.  There is small community which is quite energized and seems quite theatrical.  The works that are produced here feel different from the conventional works that seems to make up what is in the theatrical business sin New York and London.  The on stage actors always is a mix of America, Irish and British actors. The plays are directed by award winning international directors.  And the tickets available here are quite affordable. Dublin Ireland tourism in particular is known for being a destination with a rich personality.

The Clarence and the Morrison hotel are my personal favorites, so I would strongly recommend them; these two almost face echoer across the Liffer River. The hotels are designed quite well and the structure is quite contemporary.  There is a little secret here that I am going to share with you. If you are truly inclined to the plays here then you can catch all the major plays that are on offer everyday through the week.  There are forty theaters here that offer Broadway shows. The west end of London has almost the same number of theaters. The five major theaters in Dublin are ‘the Abbey, the gate, the gaiety, the Olympia, and the Grand Canal’.  Also there are smaller venues like the project arts center.

The gate theater

You could probably go on your own little tour, starting with the beautiful Victorian architecture of the Gaiety. This place is located in the heard of the shopping district of this city. The winding paths through the city park have open heaths and memorial honoring some of the greatest writers of Ireland.


Art in Dublin

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