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Posted On December 21, 2012 

Palmyra is a lovely city in the beautiful land of Syria. It has been a caravan city with the travellers crossing the Syrian desert. It was earlier called the Bride of the desert. It is said that the city has been existing since ancient times. Then in the past it was called Tadmor, Tudmur or Tadmur. The ancient region was extinct and then after the 16the century it gradually developed again and then got to be known as Tadmor. This is a new settlement of the earlier Tadmor.

A beautiful oasis in the middle of the Syrian Desert this lies to the north east of Damascus. It has the best monumental ruins and is today one f the important cultural centres across the world. The Palmyra art and architecture are so famous. The architecture here also has the Graeco Roman techniques which provide more visual delights.

There are four cemeteries outside the town. There are group of structures in the cemetery which tell that customs have not died since then. The Tower of Elahbel is a beautiful arch with a half way up sarcophagus arch. There are many statues and corridors here and thus travels here would never go waste.

Whether it is Palmyra or Tadmor, the meaning is the same – date palm. The place is so called because there used to be lot of date palms lying here adjacent to the city. this is perhaps the only city here and so has all the fashionable accessory providing ideal travel delights.

Palmyra or tadmor
Palmyra is on the tourist trek in Syria and it has a lot of competition from other cities around. The ruins here are very attractive and thus tours here fill a great deal of travel kitty. The Temple of Bel is a ruin that has been preserved very well. the majestic ruins here are a real beauty and added to this there are other structures like the hypogeum of three brothers, the Arab castle etc.

Palmyra is accessible from the beautiful region of Damascus by a bus. Buses are also found running between Deir Amazing Cities Az Zur and Homs.

For those who bring the bike, Palmyra is a lovely three day stay. Ensure you have plenty of food and avail of the facilities offered by the shops on the highway. Also make sure you stop at regular intervals thus giving ultimate pleasures in the travel.

Beautiful region
Palmyra is best enjoyed by walking. But of course you could also hire a camel for walking around. The town earlier was very small and the historic site was constructed at a time when the only mode of transportation of was this. The sun here is very hot in summer. Camel rides are offered here along with the offer of many tour buses.

If you are here in Palmyra in the months of October and November then you could also witness the camel racing. There is a certain beauty in enjoying this fare and the fact that camel beauty competition is also held provides the uniqueness in the tours here.

Evenings in Palmyra are spent in a Bedouin tent with the best kind of food and traditional music. The hospitality is wonderful and this is very much a major highlight of tours to Palmyra.

Palmyra are spent
Visit the natural sulphuric water lake here and also don’t miss to see the sunset and sunrise. Take a walk and stand on the sandstone cliffs and take a good luck at the sunset as well as sunrise here.

There are hike facilities too here and there is a GPS track route for trekking. The first half of the trek is on paved roads and sidewalks. The other half is while coming down from the castle.

Enjoy the run laps here and provide yourself a cherishable memory.

Cherishable memory
Visit Palmyra and enjoy this lovely amazing destination in this part of the world in Syria.

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