Amazing Srinagar in Beautiful India

Posted On December 28, 2012 

Visit India and go back with a valuable travel kitty for here lies the beautiful city of Srinagar in the beautiful confines of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Situated in the middle of the lovely valley of Kashmir this is rightly known as the Venice of the East. Srinagar means the city of wealth and abundance in Sanskrit. It was King Pravarasen II who founded the city in the year 150 AD. Located on the banks of the river Jhelum, there are lakes surrounding the entire region. So you have the Nagin, Dal, Anchar and other such lovely water bodies which make up the entire beauty of the region. the lovely sight of the reflection of the sun rays is a beautiful sight to behold. With the fascinating sights of the beautiful houseboats and the vibrant background behind, the city seems to come alive with the natural beauty here. Srinagar is a dream destination for all who come to this part of India.

With the beauty of the Himalayas behind the snow clad region occupies a special place in the history of ancient India. There have been many excavations carried out here that have brought out some of the best evidences of existence of an ancient settlement dating back to around 5000 years ago. The artifacts on display are the animal skeletons, arrowheads, implements, pots and tools from the Neolithic age.

Amazing Srinagar in Beautiful India

Srinagar has many tourists in the entire year who come here to enjoy the snow, the fall, the greenery during summer. The largest lake here is the Dal lake which is spread over 26 square kilometre and has a number of shikhara and houseboats for the tourists to enjoy. A stay in one of these luxurious boats and a boat ride is a must for all who come to this lovely city. Live in a Shikhara and enjoy the beauty of the serene lake.

The winter season in Srinagar is filled with the pleasures of crisp chilly weather and the summers have a range of flowers and colours. As the plants bloom during this season, the whole of Srinagar is filled with an air of delight, joy and happiness.

Srinagar in Winter Srinagar Snowfall

The Mughal Gardens is one of the best kept secrets of Srinagar and it also has places like the Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh and the very beautiful Dal Lake. With magnificent sunsets and verdant green patches, Kashmir beckons the tourist with more with the Kashmiri cuisine that is very popular here. Tourists call Kashmir the paradise on Earth and Srinagar is a small paradise in Kashmir.

People indulge in shopping for the popular Pashmina shawls and also enjoy the beauty of having. the Kashmir handicrafts in hand. Then of course you have other activities like kayaking, camping, paragliding and white water rafting here.

Srinagar Gardens Mughal  Gardens in Srinagar

The Mughal  Gardens is a beautiful place that was built by the great Mughal Emperor Jehangir for his wife Nurjahan. It has four terraces and fascinating fountains. There are well maintained gardens here with the best of mountain sights and thus the Mughal gardens is a must see spot in Srinagar and provides ideal travel delights in this part of the world. situated around 15 km from the city , a Shikhara ride on the Dal Lake is the best way one could reach here. With Chinar trees and fountains bordering the region, the terraces are interesting here. the first one is called the Diwan – e –Aam and the second terrace is called the Diwan –E-Khas. The third terrace is the highest terrace and is called the “Abode of Love ” and was mainly meant for the royal ladies and the King.

Visit the Dal Lake here in the confines of the beautiful surroundings of the Himalayas. Spread over a mind-boggling 26 square kilometers this is one of the most popular attractions in Srinagar. Very famous for the house boats and the shikhara Boat rides, this is a great place to be in and is a favourite subject for most of the artists and painters.

Houseboat Dal Lakes

With the best of scenic delights and lovely beautiful surroundings, the luxury of being in a houseboat here in Kashmir is something that is unparalleled. The lake is divided into four causeways and the western part of the lake has many small islands. This is in fact the first place in the world to have a Wi fi connection.

With the best pleasures of tours and the ideal travel experiences tours to this part of the world in Srinagar are filled with a kind of special beauty and travel delights.

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