Attractions At The Rock Tail Bay

Posted On December 7, 2009 

There is a lot to see and do at the Rock Tail Bay.

The months from November to March of course have the highlights here with the endangered loggerhead and the Leather back turtles coming to the shore to nest and lay their eggs.  There are after dinner drives and walking tours at the beach here during this season that covers about 16 kilometers. Tourists can also accompany the experts here on their research drives to monitor the behavior of turtles.

Scuba Diving, snorkeling and cruising are other attractions of this place. You of course, need to be a licensed diver to Rock Tail Bay Lodgedive here.  The Rock Tail Bay Lodge and the Rock Tail Bay Camp, both have arrangements for divers. Fly fishing, snorkeling off the shore, swimming and drives to Black Rock – a 60 foot fossil sand dune that offers great views from its top, the nearby Hippo Pool and the surrounding community are experiences that you shouldn’t miss out on.

The Maputaland Marine Reserve, offshore the Rock Tail Bay is a sanctuary with diving and snorkeling points where you can spot variety of fishes as well as dolphins and whales.

The Greater St Lucia Wetland Park is home to a coastal forest reserve which has a rich biodiversity. The forest has grasslands, water berry or palm savannah, with fauna like red duiler, hippos in the freshwater lakes and whales and dolphins off the point. With coastal species of birds like Green Twinspot, Green Malkoha, Grey Waxbill, African Emerald Cuckoo, Red Capped Robin Chat and Long Claw that can be spotted in the forests and the open grasslands here, bird watching too is a delight in itself.

In the pristine reef system, the marine life include the butterfly fish, trigger fish, Moorish idol, banner fish, coachman, surgeon fish, firegoby and scissortail. Divers can also come across eels such as honeycomb morays and black cheek, rock mover wrasse, marbled electric rays, ribbon tail rays as well as manta rays and eagle tail rays.

Sharks such as hammerheads, tiger sharks, black tip reef sharks, the whale sharks and the grey nurse sharks can be sighted here from late November to March as close as within 10 meters  deep of water.
Rock Tail Bay Beach
Winters bring along whales such as the humpback and southern rights whales in the sea off the Rock Tail Bay.

You could also enjoy the beach and forest walks here, surfing and rock fishing, horse riding, Sangoma or the traditional herbalist cultural tour, the Zulu dances, quad biking, Quad Biking, Horse Riding, guided community walks and a visit to the Gugulesizwe cultural village.

Stargazing by the Rock Tail Bay Beach too has its own charm.

The Mapatuland Nature Reserve or the Kosi Bay Nature reserve stretches north to the Mozambique border to the east Kosi Bay Nature reserveof the Indian Ocean and in fact, is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It would indeed be great to get a safari arranged for your self to explore this area.

Without much development, the area offers a privacy that’s rare to find.

The area is wild and without any development. It offers a solitude that is found in very few places on earth. For the eccentric travelers who can enjoy their holiday minus the luxuries of a typical tourist place, this is the place that you will thoroughly enjoy.

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