Come and awake your artsy side in Basel, Switzerland

Posted On September 8, 2010 

Basel in Switzerland is the place where you can have a total ball. In France, it is also known as Bale. The only thing you would need to do is dance in a nice Swiss pace. The rhythm of this place is quickening up and the city is getting ready to gear up for the huge art Basel fair which is on from then tenth till the fourteenth of June.  This place has about sixty thousand visitors. The art dealers, artists, curators and the critics, all make their way here.

Getting around over here in Switzerland is quite easy. There is a wide system of trams and busses that take you anywhere in the region of art and architecture.

Basel Switzerland

The Art Basel Switzerland just had its fortieth anniversary, which had about three hundred galleries on display and the works of about twenty five hundred artists were put up in these galleries. . The director of this place says that this place gives you a quick overview of the art scenario that is, all over the world. If you are just a visitor over here, you could still be able to trace the history of art from cubism all the way to contemporary art.  Although, Art Basel is a business which apparently is very much devoted to modern art especially high modernism. But things started to change quite drastically after about nineteen seventy.

Art Basel

This fair however is considered to be one of the most important events in the world and it comprises of some of the richest art galleries in the whole world. Also, this is supposed to be the year of Venice Biennale.

This is a place where many rich foreigners who are art inclined or even obsessed, come almost twice for a trip to Europe.  With the whole economic crisis going on, it is still difficult to see it apparently in the wealthy Basel.  This is the place where a lot of tourists and restaurants and hotels are always quite full. The Banks here are usually based out of Basel and Zurich.

The fair this year is built with a few modifications compared to that of last year. The amount of art sold here is always a question until it actually happens.

This place is also a key beneficiary because its position and closeness to France and Germany both.  Germany and France also fought for many years and the Swiss got all the profits.   Basel is situated very elegantly along the Rhine.  This river is what divides the city and also somehow unites it.  This river just happens to be the only cargo port in Switzerland. This place is known for being an open city, it has a strong consistency of immigrants and there are also some found in Geneva and Zurich.  A lot of money that comes into Basel comes in from the large chemical and pharmaceutical companies like Hoffmann – La Roche and Novartis.

Check back here in this space to find out more about the amazing City of Basel Switzerland and the amazing art and art festivities it acts as a platform for.

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