Come to Arizona Desert where the west meets the Desert

Posted On October 4, 2010 

When you come to this town that is tucked in the mountains I the north of the Sonoran Desert, you will see many incongruities. The cowboys in dusty chaps have their horses right in front of the saloons where they have the main drag and then walk into the saloon for a beer or bourbon.

Cave Creek AZ

There is a nearby tanning parlor which is stylishly dressed in a couple’s park with their porches that are parked outside the upscale galleries and they then head inside to haggle with the owners about the many amazing works from local artists like Sergio Ladron de Guevara. When you go across the street, there is the horny Toad which is a pleasant restaurant offering cheese crisps and tacos. All this is right next to Cartwright’s at the Sonoran Ranch house which gives you mean beef tenderloin.

The cave creek with its sister town, the whole town is pretty carefree and it borders on the southeast. Here is the heart of the area. This is becoming real popular with the tourists. This is whole the wealthy home owners with local residents have a motto like ‘home of cowboys and Caviar, where the old west meets the new.’

You should visit the Cave creek and have a carefree experience and come back. And when you do, you might most probably have gotten tanned, along with a nice calm mind and relaxed body and maybe even plans to buy a vacation home here.

Cave Creek Arizona

This is usually what happens when people stumble upon this place even by accident. They fall in love and never ever wan to leave.  A lot of people from New York and most big cities; on their visit here have fallen in love with this place and now love here at the boulders. This happens to be a nearby resort and residential community.

When you take your trip to Arizona Desert, at the north desert foothills, there are tow towns that you will come by; which are around the surrounding area and if you come here during the spring then you would be able to see the mountains change color with the light. From gray to green and from gold to mauve, almost like a kaleidoscopic art show. This was actually to calm the contemplating the big giant twelve million year old boulder which has been stacked almost impossible one on top of the other.

There are spring wildflowers that bloom with burst of pink, purple, yellow and orange.

While you glide along the back seat of a Lincoln Town Car which is provided to you by the hotel, you would arrive in Cave Creek which is about thirty minute away. Once you reach here, you would most immediately be struck by the town’s old west charm.

There are remains of wooden wagons that like along the roadside and have swinging doors at the saloons. There are no stoplights, there are no streetlights and the speed limit here is about twenty five miles per hour on most of the roads.

Check back here to find out more about this amazing place.

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