Living King’s temple of Edfu

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The Temple of Horus is located in Edfu in Egypt. Commonly it is known as the Temple of Edfu. The temple of Horus known to be the best-conserved as well as an off-beat temple located in Egypt. Most parts of the temple were constructed during the Ptolemic era in the years 237 BC to 57 BC. Even tough the temple was constructed in the later time its paranoiac structural design makes it quite easy for you to get a thought of the appearance of the temples located in the city.

The temple of Horus is a huge temple. It is stated as the largest temple in Egypt only after the Karnak temple. The regional township of Edfu is positioned at the intermediate of Luxor which is around 115km away and Aswan which is located at a distance of 105km. Also Edfu is located at a distance of 65 km to the northern end of Kom Ombo. A much admired location, Edfu is incorporated in nearly all of the tours that go to Egypt. This journey is made by cruising the Nile River or just hiring a taxi.

Edfu temple egypt


Egypt was been occupied by Alexander the Great in 332 BC. Alexander the great, died in 323 BC. Later the region was occupied by Ptolemaic reign. It is supposed to be the last reign in sovereign Egypt. Originally the Ptolemies were the Greeks. They showed up to the Egyptians as the inhabitants of Pharaohs. Also they intimately copied the ethnicity as well as structural design of paranoiac Egypt.

The area that is laid in between the Sanctaury and the Festival Hall is known to be the oldest section of the temple. The construction of the temple was started by Ptolemy III and was completed by the time his son Ptolemy IV, Philopator took over the place. Also Ptolemy VII added a new hall named Hyposstyle Hall in 116 BC. Ptlomey IX in 81 BC erected a Pylon. The temple was completed entirely by 57 BC during the reign of Ptolemy XII

Horus was basically the god of sky. He had a falcon head. The sun as well as the moon was his two eyes. He was later incorporated in the famous legend of Osiris and Isis. He was known to be the only child to the holy couple. Osiris was murdered and later Horus was been looked after by hathor and Isis. Osiris brother, Seth had killed him. A huge battle took place at Edfu were Horus took the revenge of his father’s death. Seth was sent away and the throne was taken over by Horus and he was been guided by Osiris from the gangland. Horus was also known as the living king.

What to see:

Birth House:
It is placed to the south of Pylon. The festival of Coronation takes place here every year. It has a colonnaded arrangement. The architecture of the birth house is Greco-Roman. Here the birth of Horus is enacted during the annual festival.

Pylon was later added to the temple structure in 81 BC by Ptolemy IX. The height of the Pylon is around 37m. It is one of the tallest pillars in Egypt.

edfu pylon
Court of Offerings:
The court of offerings is located further than the Pylon. People come to the court to make offerings. An image of Horus is also placed in the court. The either sides of the court are bordered by columns. The decoration of the court has taken its inspiration from the festival celebrations.

Hypostyle Hall:
Ptolemy VII constructed the Hypostyle hall in 116 BC. The roof of the hall is intact and is supported by six pillars which are placed in two rows. The astronomical paintings created on the roof of the hall represent the sky.

Hypostyle Hall
Festival Hall:
This is the oldest section of the temple. The hall decorated with the help of colorful flowers, faience and herbs during the festival time. The hall is also scented with the help of Myrrh and incense.

How to reach:

Luxor is the nearest railway station located at a distance of 115 km, the distance can be easily covered with the help of taxis which are easily available outside the station.

When to visit:

The best time to visit Edfu is from October till May. Also the best time of the day to visit the temple of Horus is in the morning. Avoid going on holiday as the place can get crowded


There are very few options available to stay near the temple. You will get the basic food in the temple’s vicinity also the cafeteria which is located quite next to the temple charges a lot more than the basic cost.

Opening time:

The temple is open for is visitors everyday from morning seven till four in the evening.

Entrance Fees:

The entrance cost of £E35 is applicable to everyone visiting the temple.

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9 Responses to “Living King’s temple of Edfu”
  1. Hui says:

    Egypt, where history itself was born! The place is amazing to visit! Just mind blowing.

  2. Isabella says:

    The temple of Horus was constructed in a different manner. It was old yet it looked like new.

  3. John says:

    Whenever I hear about Egypt, ferros, pyramids, mummies is the only thing which starts in my mind.

  4. Kolou says:

    I agree with the above comment. This is something new which I’ve read for the first time in Egypt.

  5. Leo says:

    I just wonder people in olden times used to make so huge and tough monuments that till date it is intact!

  6. Marie says:

    Egypt is full of history! All the archeologist’s favorite destination. There are so many places unfolded in Egypt till date.

  7. Neelam says:

    This temple seems to be very peculiar. It is not much in limelight and very few people might be knowing about it.

  8. Britney says: of the tallest pillars in Egypt. The constructions done in earlier age were the best! What creativity people had though they were not educated.

  9. vareeja says:

    There is a tradition that Imhotep, the vizier and architect who designed the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara, designed the first stone temple at Edfu. Little is known of this temple today, and none of its remains have been found, but it was dedicated to Horus, Hathor of Dendera, and their son, Herumatawy, or Harsomtus in Greek.

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