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Posted On November 25, 2009 

Common Info

Busanga Plains (area: 750 square kilometres) is a vast wetland located in the far north west of the Kafue National Park in Zambia. The plains remain inundated during most of the year which makes it a perfect bird sanctuary but without much access. The flooded plains in Busanga are punctuated by riverine islands and broad-leafed woodland.

Country Info

Zambia is a landlocked country located in southern Africa. To its north lies the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania in the north-east, Angola to the west while Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia to the south. The country, formerly known as Northern Rhodesia, gets its modern name from the River Zambezi which flows through the country. National capital is Lusaka.Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park

The largest national park in Zambia and the second largest in Africa, Kafue National Park covers an area of about 22,400 square kilometres. The park has been named after Kafue River. The park comprises 55 distinct animal species besides almost 500 recorded bird species. The park is easily accessible from Livingstone and Lusaka.

Time to visit the Busanga Plains

During the dry months, which generally extend from July to November, the Busanga plains are accessible by vehicles. August to September is the prime time to visit the Busanga Plains.


The vegetation in the Kafue National Park is not homogenous. It presents a combination of wooded savannah of the lowvelds of South Africa, the Botswanian woodland and floodplain as well as broad-leafed woodland.

Game viewing in Kafue/Busanga

The northern parts of the Kafue that feature wild and diverse remote lands have vast tracts where the nature lovers can enjoy an absolutely pristine wilderness.  In the east lies the Lunga River, a tributary of the Kafue River and beyond the narrow riverine forest that flanks it, the landscape is marked by woodland, open plains, floodplains and island thickets.

busanga plainsThe region, as has been said, is home to a diverse wildlife. From lions, leopard, elephants, buffalo and cheetah, there are also rare species like Puku, Defassa Waterbuck, Oribi , Roan and Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest that are visible here. Another special attraction of game viewing in the Busanga/Kafue is the Tree Hyrax, a kind of nocturnal mammals concentrated in the Lunga camp in Kafue. Zebras, red lechwe, a kind of semi-aquatic antelope and wildebeest give a remarkable opportunity of game viewing. Cheetahs pouncing upon preys or leopards patrolling the tree-line borders of the plains are treat to watch in these plains.

The bird watching experience in these parts of Africa is also unique. It is home to species that are not seen in any other place in southern Africa. The Wattled Crane has a huge concentration here. In fact Zambia comprises more than half the world’s population. Locust Finch, Rosy-throated and Fülleborn’s Longclaws and Kori and Denham’s Bustards are also major attractions of the Busanga plains. Besides, woodland and riverine birds like Blue-breasted Bee-eater, Ross’ Turaco, Pale-billed Hornbill and Red-capped Crombec are also seen. Not to mention the various types of pelicans, storks and herons as well.

Safari at Busanga

A three night stay at Busanga Plains will make up a perfect taste of the place. From the riparian forest to the woodlands and grassy plains and the river and the diverse wildlife, Busanga has it all to present a perfect trip to the wilderness. The Mukambi Safari Lodge, which is located 150 kilometres from the Busanga Plains, provides a great opportunity to the visitors to get the taste of Busanga and Kafue. The lodge sets up its summer camp at a place called Two Fig at the middle of the plains. During this time, the sights of wildlife and the wild flora from a close proximity place the Busanga among one of Africa’s most beautiful places. The entire safari is led by professionally trained guards.

Accommodation at Busanga/Kafue:Mukambi Safari Lodge
  • Mukambi Safari Lodge
  • Musanza Bushcamp
  • Lufupa River Camp
  • Shumpa Camp
  • Lunga River Camp

Attractions at Busanga/Kafue:

  • Game Drives in open vehicles lasting around 3 hours
  • Boat cruises in the enormous Kafue River. Hippos and crocodiles are common sight. Sunset cruises are special. Walking Safaris closer to the nature. Guides explain smaller details of various plants species. Encounter with an animal is also not impossible.

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