Modern Indian temples

Posted On December 16, 2011 

Come to India, the cornucopia of modern planning, legends, traditions and temples. Come to this India where the temples are being reconstructed to the likings of the present day trends. Come to the land of India with the modern temples. There is a great legend that tells how the temples would actually represent the conditions in society and how they today indicate a great profile. The temples today, are living examples of the aristocratic influence left behind by the great rulers in India and the extraordinary achievements of the cultural history of the country.

There are many temples mushrooming in the country and each one is being revered and visited with respect. These temples are a way of endorsing the religious beliefs along with modern constructions.

The Chhatrapur Mandir in Delhi is one such modern Indian temple that is located a little away from the Qutub Minar in Delhi. The flamboyant nature of the temple with its shining marble edifice and the beautiful ambience provide the right atmosphere for a devotee of today. These temples are very famous amongst the Hindus who like to come here and bask in the glory of Indian religion. With the presiding deity as the Goddess Durga, this is a temple that has been built in South Indian style. Spread over beautiful lawns and lovely gardens, the temple celebrates the Navratri festival with great gusto and enthusiasm.

Chhatrapur Mandir in Delhi

Then there is the universally famous ISKCON temple which is a brainchild of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, and is respected as the Hare Krishna Movement. This temple got completed in the year 1998 and is a huge collection of temples. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness was started as a spiritual society in the city of New York and has been held to propagate the Bhagavad Gita message. There are around 40 ISKCON temples, and the principles are based on traditions of VAishnava, the philosophy of this cult and the practices. When one visits the ISKCON temple he is filled with a kind of rejuvenation and refreshment that is best experienced to be believed.

The ISKCON temples are all dedicated to the Indian God, Lord Krishna and have been constructed by the Hare Krishna cult. With elegant complexes and lovely temples the temple is decorated with the works of the Russian artists.

At the ISKCON temple at Delhi, the devotees come to get peace, tranquility and quiet. Chants of Lord Krishna  goes on the whole day and the entire experience is blissful.

ISKCON temple at Delhi

The ISKCON temple at Bangalore was recently built and as you go up the granite steps you would have many smaller temples to visit and here the three statues of Lord Krishna is made out of brass.

ISKCON temple at Bangalore

The ISKCON temple at Uttar Pradesh is inside the temple of Krishna Baldev in Vrindavan. There is a gallery with beautiful paintings depicting the life of Lord Krishna. There is also a library selling books on Lord Krishna.

ISKCON temple at Uttar Pradesh

The ISKCON temple at Mayapur is the place where the whole place is like a Vedic city. The main presiding Radha madhava has other smaller deities surrounding it. Then there are eight Gopis depicted on either side of the Radha madhava, and the main altar has a smaller set of idols of Radha Krishna.

SKCON temple at Mayapur

With such modern Indian temples, the trends of devotion and worship have not changed only the ambience is a little different.

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