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Posted On October 27, 2010 

The sixties were when the hippies had their reigning time. The trend though continues even today. The Hippie destinations and Hippest places are now though have evolved quite a bit. They even have their own cultures, their own traditions and their deviant and deep belief practices. These hippies till today, strive in many places all over the world.

In fact there are many people who celebrate freedom and love and peace. In fact hippies are a wild lot and they love everything about themselves.  If in case you like traveling, and you want to travel like a hippie and have your share of crude fun, there is a huge list of hippie destination that is all around the world.

When you Ibiza, in Spain, is no longer an ideal place. This place is not regularly visited by hordes and hordes of hippies almost every year.  The Ibiza Island is one of the most hip places to hang out compared to earlier.

Party at Ibiza Island

There are hippies who travel here from all over the European continent.

This place also happens to be a worked heritage site. Ibiza has many walking trails especially toward the northern end of the island.  This place however is pretty expensive to visit and you might end up spending too much here.  The island is visited quite often though because of its amazing architectural wonders and the many raves those are conducted here.

Another nice hippie destination is Vancouver which is located in Canada.  This place is particularly worth mentioning as it is the birthplace of the Greenpeace revolution. Also this city resembles the seventies era. There are many places here that have specific area that are worth mentioning.  The kitsilano district is also one such place.

Vancouver Party

This is the place where you can still find hippies wearing much different kind of ponchos and   the signature hippie’s long hair culture. These people now, wander around at large. The city has a lot of little charms. There are many tourist attractions which are responsible for the many visitors enjoying their share of the culture as well.

Guatemala is located in Central America.  And this place is supposed to be one of the most hip locations here in the American continent. This place is located on the banks of Kale Atitlan, which is in the Panajachel in Guatemala.  This place has a thriving community and many of its residents are immigrants and refugees.

Party at Guatemala

This town has overtly developed over the many years according to Karan Castelino.

Check back here to find out more about the hippest places on earth.

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