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Posted On April 8, 2010 

The islands belonging to the Republic of Palau are scattered along the western side of the Pacific Ocean. The islands have a heavenly touch. The tropical sun sparkles near the sea. Wonderful breezes rustle the coconut fronds. Fish jump and birds soar in the sky.

Palau islandPalau is often considered as the world’s natural wonder. Palau has wonderful sights, both above and below water. Even a lifetime of exploration will not cover all areas and facets of life. There are hundreds of jade-colored rock islands and limestone formations in the shape of mushrooms. These have been eroded into unexplored maze of green walls, hidden coves, and other bays.

Palau is a relatively new country. It attained independence on October 1, 1994. The 19,300 inhabitants occupy the 586 islands. The islands are unsurpassed in terms of biological diversity. The beauty of the region is hard to describe.

The marine and terrestrial ecosystems, habitats, and niches are responsible for the rich diversity. The climate, geography, and geology also support these diverse habitats.

Palau resembles Eden Gardens because of the virgin rainforests, extensive mangroves, and beds of seagrass. It also contains thousands of kilometers of reef. This archipelago’s remote location and tiny size have protected it from the masses.

Snorkelers will have a wonderful time here. The marine life is wonderful among the walls and channels below the water surface. The waters of Palau are home to more than 1500 species of fish and 700 coral species. Also present are thousands of invertebrates.

Diving in PalauDiving is the most popular activity in Palau. These diving sites are ideal for snorkelers. They are able to witness large numbers of sharks, mantas, wreckage of World War II. The Rock Islands are a perfect backdrop for everyday snorkeling activities. You would not want to get out of the water because of the wonderful species of corals and fish.

Nearly 70 marine lakes are interspersed within the Rock Islands. They are considered as oddities even by the local community. Each lake has unique characteristics and an isolated ecosystem. The lakes are separated from the main lagoon by limestone walls. Due to the porous rocks, sea water seeps in and out of these lakes. Most species that enter the lake as larvae live as secluded populations.

Jellyfish Lake in palauMany lakes contain vast numbers of jelly fish equipped with weak stinging cells. These cells are unable to penetrate the human skin. The latest census puts the number of jelly fish close to 20 million. It feels great to swim along these natural marine spaceships, without the fear of being stung.

Besides extensive marine life, there is wreckage of the Second World War. Its artifacts spread throughout the lagoon of Palau. With the launch of Operation Desecrate One, nearly 60 Japanese naval and cargo ships sunk to the bottom. A lot of Japanese aircraft, too, were destroyed in the two-day battle. Most WWII artifacts are encrusted with coral in present times. These are of special interest to snorkelers.

The archipelago remains virtually unexplored, with few snorkelers undertaking the journey. Palau is a wonderful snorkeling destination because there are lots of places to explore for the first time. Snorkelers are greeted by coral gardens, reef fish, and white sand beaches.

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6 Responses to “Perfect Palau”
  1. Viera says:

    Even a lifetime explore will not be able to complete! This is something which I admire the most.

  2. Warnie says:

    For me all the islands are same. It is difficult to figure out what is the difference.

  3. Xavier says:

    Actually islands is not meant for all. You should love sea and sea adventure to enjoy the island.

  4. Yu says:

    I’ve read about this island before and i was amazed to read it.

  5. Ziggy says:

    Marine life is always more beautiful and more dangerous than any other. It is the most thrilling ride you can ever have.

  6. vareeja says:

    It was intersting to know through your post that the jelly fish in the Palau reef donot sting as they hsve weak stinging cells.. Snorklling would be so much fun in such a beautiful and rich marine life.!

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