Sangameswara Temple Pleasures and Pilgrimages

Posted On June 14, 2012 

The Sangameswara temple is a very ancient temple that has the presiding deity as Lord Siva and is located at the junction of the two rivers River Bhavanasi and the River Krishna. It is situated in the district of Kurnool and is near Muchumarri. The entire temple is a great place and has a place in the Skandapurana.

When the Pandavas were in exile they wanted to pray to Lord Shiva and it was Bhima out of the Pandavas who was asked to bring a Siva Linga. When Bhima could not reach the penance place with the required Shiv Ling at the time specified it was Dharmaraja who got a Linga made out of a log of Neem installed.

Popularly called the Pancheswaram or the amalgamation of around five temples, the complex has th Sidheshwaram, Sangameswaram, Kapileswaram, Malleswaram and Someswaram.

Sangameswara Temple

The Sangameswara temple had the Srisailam Dam built near the temple and then the temple was taken down and then rebuilt over a hill near Kurnool. Kanchi Kama Koti Swami supervised the entire construction of the temple. The entire place is today progressing as a huge picnic spot and today it is a religious centre and a great pilgrim spot.

This has a greatly serene ambience and also a tranquil atmosphere. The best sight of the entire city of Kurnool is viewed from the hill top and the total sight is really breath taking and awe inspiring. There is a very old Dargah that lies next to the place where there are two trees one above the other. As we enter the city from a long distance this lovely picnic spot for the people living in and near the city of Kurnool.

The temple of Shiva is in the region of Bhavani and is around 16 kms from the railway station of Erode. This temple is also known by another name called Dakshin Prayag. The River Kaveri meets the River Bhavani here in this lovely pilgrim spot. The confluence of these two majestic rivers and also the River Amuda is what makes up the holy place with the lovely sight of the rivers flowing in this pilgrim land. So the pilgrims coming here look forward to taking a bath in this lovely religious land or the sangamam which means confluence. So the p lace here is known as the lord of the sangamam or Sangameswara. Pilgrims perform a lot of rituals on the banks of these rivers. It is said that a bath at this lovely sangamam totally purifies the entire mind and body.

 Sangameswara is a very attractive temple

Sangameswara is a very attractive temple and is a total storehouse of beautiful craftsmanship and enthralls the pilgrim with its sheer magnificence and the simple granite slabs make up the entire structure of this lovely temple filled with the best of ancient grandeur.

Lord Sangameswara is thus found here facing the River Kaveri and when a pilgrim circumambulates here the sight of the Dakshina Moorthy, Vinayaga, Vishnu, Muruga, Nataraja and Durga is totally a mesmerizing sight and a pleasure for the pilgrim. There are around 63 Nayanmars here and they find a great place within the temple. The Amman here is called the Veda Nayagi and she is a powerful goddess and Her statue decked in total finery and the entire mandapam which leads to her sannidhi is a sight to behold. It has a lot of ornamental work and there are lot of decorations on the ceiling and pillars too.

There is a beautiful peepul tree here on the banks of all the rivers and also many Vinayagar and Nagas under it. The pilgrims offer their prayers here and take a bath in the river and then go to the main temple of Sangameshwara.

India is a land of temples and is filled with the best travel sights. So the state of Karnataka is a lovely land to be in and a visit to this place is enhanced by the sheer magnificence of the Sangameshwara temple and thus it is a popular pilgrim destination in this part of India.

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