Sharm El Sheik Egypt

Posted On November 3, 2010 

This town has a unique name almost like the screen name of Omar Sharif in the Lawrence of Arabia.  Sharm El sheikh Egypt is a beautiful town  which is located in the coastal strip which lies between the read sea and the Sinai Mountain.  This happens to be one of the most developed resorts made for tourists in the whole Sinai Peninsula.

There is an abundance of sun, sea and sand. This place is also well known for its many Luxurious hotels. There are many facilities for water sports. The shopping here is quite exciting and there are many opportunities.  is one not only a superb tourist destination but it is also the famous Capital of the Red Sea.

Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

This town happens to be quite a vibrant town and it has many amazing land spaces and desertscapes. There are also many man made creations.  This place has even made it to the top ten list of Package holiday destination in the world.  If you look at the whole scenario closely, this place has everything you will need to make a holiday maker’s package more than just possible. If you are looking for fun in the sun or talking a nice calm walk along the beautiful Red Sea, then this is the perfect place. In fact you would love playing golf here. This is mostly because the sea is what gives you the long awaited company that you must have been looking for all this time. Even though this sea is named the Red Sea, the color of the water is no where close to Red.  The sea water looks more like a nice tinge of blue green sapphires that have been crushed and lies right beneath the shimmering sun.

Red sea
The National park has many stunning Coral Reefs and the sea which is built right around this place is quite famous and is known for its amazing tropical and aquatic life.

Sharm El Sheikh Egypt has many different opportunities for desert safaris. There are camels, horse riding and visits and trips to many archeological sites which include a nice long trip to the Saint Catherine’s monastery.

Saint Catherines monastery
When you do actually visit the Monastery, you will find this fourth century building quite beautiful and rewarding. This place is about a four hour journey and it just happens to be one of the most cherished and treasured Antiques in the whole of the Middle East. In fact this place isn’t even that far away from the place the Jesus Christ was born at! This also happens to be the same place Where Moses was confronted by Burning bushes and later was appointed by god to lead the many Israelis out of the Land of Egypt. This journey happens to be quite tiring, but is also interesting and pleasant.

If you are looking for a nice night life, then this place is one of the best places to come and enjoy the local night life here. The place is modern with nice clubs which are amaking quite attractively and are also quite vibrant. The Little Buddha is one of the famous nightclubs here with a bar and a nice long reputation of being one of the longest bars in all of the Middle East.  The camel, the tavern and the Pirates Bar. There are also other places like the Movenpick beach and the Mexican Dance Club.

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