Frozen Antarctica Deserts

Posted On August 23, 2010 

Talking about earth, very few people get to experience the towering glaciers of the world. There exist cathedrals of fine, glass-like ice that is charged with mysterious lights, which seem out-of-earth like things. Along with continents and water bodies, it has got many  Frozen desserts. But when the word desert becomes audible, the only names that strike our minds are that of the dry sand deserts in various parts of the world, like Africa, Afghanistan, and so on. How about Antarctica? Don’t tell me you don’t know Antarctica is a desert! Yes it, indeed, is! According to literary meaning, a desert is a place unfavorable for human life to exist. There hasn’t been a single symptom of human life permanent of its residence in Antarctica Deserts. So why can’t it be called a desert?

For a breathtaking experience, a visit to these frozen desserts of Antarctica is sure to show you the magnificent beauty of nature. If you are a soul of adventure, the true adventure plans among these glaciers calls for you – full of climbing, camping, and living on the ice. The experience of moving on the slow ice in a cruise, along the dwindling wonders of nature, in the still cold, is a wonder in itself. Antarctica Deserts serves you the coldest, driest and the windiest of all the continents. It is located at the bottom of the earth, centering the South Pole with its shiny white ice. All but dead, the vast interiors of Antarctica says tales of the Scott expedition, doomed in 1912. With no precipitation and human life existing, Antarctica Deserts becomes the world’s largest desert.

Though it is a snow desert, supposed and expected to be serving harsh cold, Antarctica has several volcanoes which are active. The Deception Island and Mount Erebus are two of them. Enormously extending mountain ranges, glaciers, subterranean lakes, etc are also parts of the cold continent. Some creatures, destined to live in Antarctica, have specialized adaptations like thick skin and fur covering their bodies. Some of them are as listed: albatross, snow petrel, fur seal, endearing penguins and several cetacean species. Antarctica’s desert owns its competitors to the Northern Lights, the Aurora Australis.

Penguins at Antarctica
Though it is supposed to be the most impenetrable part of the world, Antarctica isn’t as tougher to reach as it sounds. The snow-hued wildlife, unpolluted views of stars and exquisitely sculptured landscapes are accessible, but to the kinds who love adventure and outdoor living. Adventure tourists can go for trekking, ice diving, berg-climbing, camping, and ice kayaking. Meeting the penguins by taking a star cruise and learning about the natural an inhabitant history of the area or just taking photographs and capturing the glorious, ice-bound wonderland in you eyes – Frozen Antarctica Desserts is all yours once you make it yours!

ice kayaking at Antarctica

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  1. Asmita nigam says:

    A great insight into this world of ice and water. What an experience it will be kayaking amidst penguins and seals! Amazing stuff!!

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