The great mystery of the city of Venice

Posted On July 26, 2010 

Have you ever wondered; being in a place if it was the absolute reality or maybe you just dreamed it up? Have you also been in situation where the place you are at has made you feel like the right amount of contemporary as well as a deep feeling of being part of a rich history?

Venice is one of those places that will definitely make you feel like that! Try going to Venice and standing at one of Venice’s bridges, the reflections of the buildings in the water as you silently watch a gondola passing by you. That is when you realize you just been transported back about two hundred years.

city of Venice
According to Thomas Mann, Venice is beguilingly and suspiciously beautiful. The city keeps on a façade of luxury, laid back nature, casualness and indifference even. It sum how manages to keep its ability to charm and enrich; a big secret.

The first inhabitants settled down on a collection of about one hundred and twelve islands and found it an ideal place to establish base. The merchants of Venice organized a coup in the year eight hundred and twenty eight and stole all the remains of the evangelist mark from Alexandria who was their patron saint. Saint Mark had a lion as a heraldic impression. Earlier the patron stain was Saint Theodore who was then preceded by saint mark.

When Henry the fourth conquered Constantinople, the cathedral that was built for saint mark; was inaugurated. After about one hundred years later, Venice was ready to take over the entire Mediterranean. Once the trade route was discovered through India, Venice then became a trade centre connecting Europe to the orient.

The entire city was controlled by about three hundred noble families, ten city fathers and a doge (head of state). This was done so that the money would remain in the hands of a few rich families. These; who would take old Venice with its old buildings, churches, palaces, squares, arcades and bridges and transform it into a modern architectural wonder.

Later napoleon took over the city and overthrew the doge in the late seventeen hundreds. Following this, the city became part of Austria and then finally Italy.  The entire city is on an elevated platform made from about ten thousand piles of oak and helm. This cuts through two hundred canals that span about four hundred bridges.

The grand canal which is about two and half miles long is lined with grand buildings and palaces with their best sides to show facing the Grand Canal.

St Marks square

The square is around the grand town hall. Over here the basilica of san Marco and the palace of the earlier doge are impressive and beautiful. However the cathedral of saint mark raises some questions as the architecture on the inside is almost Byzantine. The walls are gilded with gem studded pala d’or exhibits. All this relates to a Byzantine past, which obviously Venice has never seen!

St Marks square
The doge’s palace however basks in luxury and is filled with stories of murders, wealth and victories. The oldest café in Europe is right here in Venice; the florian, which is located on the market square, has a violinist who plays the most serenading music.

Once you are done with this place, head over to one of the many gondolas and travel elegantly in the lagoon, look at the beautiful architecture and wealth of the city.

From the time of the grand entrance, the entire city of Venice is pretty dramatic, go to hotels like the Cipriani and saneieli and experience what it feels like. Outside the churches you will find many squares. These squares always have delicious food. Apparently; the fegatoo alla veneziana is a local favorite.

Hotel Cipriani
While you are in Venice, you should definitely go check out all the islands, an excursion would serve the purpose the best. You should check out Lido, where most painters, film directors and artists come to get inspired and also to film the scenery around the place.

Lido island

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  1. Wow, Venice is just amazing place to visit. I have seen this place in the film The Italian Job, and natural beauty were so beautifull that I cant explain anything. I have no word about ancient city of Italy. Thanks for this post and Pics is just stunning.

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