Bagan The Lost City Of Burma

Posted On December 14, 2009 

There are two most excellent very old spiritual cities in Southeast Asia

angkor cambodiaAngkor in Cambodia and Bagan in Burma. Both sites are prominent for their span of blessed natural features and the amount as well as the size of their entity temples. For a huge number of tourists Bagan is the more astonishing among the two great cities. The remains of the many hundreds Angkor temples stand all alone as well as isolated in thick jungles. It becomes easy to see some other parts of the site only if you climb the peak of the tallest temple. Expanding diagonally a gigantic grimy plain, the remains of Bagan are not hidden anywhere. You will find no trees that could obstruct your view. You can easily fix your eyes across the countryside which covers an area of around forty square miles. In this area around thousands of temples are being located. You will witness a spectacular view from Sulamani Temple in the early morning, also from the Gawdawpalin Temple in the late afternoon.

Gawdawpalin Temple

Various kings have been trying to establish their rule over Bagan since the early 2nd century. In the year 1057 AD King Anawrahta conquered the Thaton region this was the Bagan burmatime when Bagan go into its golden. From this time till the rule of Kublai Khan over Bagan which lasted till 1287 A.D around 13,000 pagodas as well as temples and many other spiritual structures were constructed. Today around eight hundred years later only about 2,200 temples are standing still. The one-third area of the city is already washed away by the river Irrawaddy. Many temples as well as pagodas have been torn apart by the numerous thieves as they kept on wandering in the search of treasure. A number of earthquakes that took place in the last many decades also reduced the many temples.

Don’t forget to get an exotic view of the city by traveling in the hot air balloon across the city. Also try out the various boat rides over the Irrawaddy river.

How to reach

Bagan Airport is the nearest airport. From the airport you can use call the cab or rent a car services available for the national as well as the international tourists. You can reach Bagan by the air route from Heho, Mandalay as well as Yangon in less than 60 minutes. The distance between Yangon and Bagan is about 683 km. Buses takes around 12 hours to cover this distance. If you are an adventure freak you can reduce this distance by minimum 2 hours by taking a ride in the car. But remember you would be required to take all the strains as well as pains of traveling on the roads of Myanmar roads.

When to go

The best time to visit Bayan is from October to April when the climate is very much pleasing. You can also visit the site during the rainy seasons which lasts from June to September to experience the natural beauty of the site.

Opening timings

The site is open for the tourists to visit from morning 8 to evening 6 throughout the years.

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