Vacations to go: Historical discovery in Florida

Posted On January 10, 2011 

In this sunshine state, do not be surprised if you come across some great historical sites while you are planning for your vacations to go. This time consider exploring Florida from a different angle where history still tends to influence the modern culture. Among all the historically destined vacations to go in Florida, just include the main sites such as Key West and the Hemingway House, railroad tycoon Henry Flagler’s home, Edison and Ford’s sprawling homes in Ft. Myers, Ringling Museum of Art and the miniature circus in Sarasota, Apalachicola in the Panhandle, and militaristic monuments in Pensacola.

Just take up a chance to be like an unusual tourist who would journey on off the beaten path, be away from the crowded/costly theme parks, and would love to unveil the cultural offerings from north to south Florida. If you think so and plan your Florida vacations to go in this way, you will encounter the hidden gems of the state.

Key West

Linked by a bridge off the coast, this sunny land is a cultural destination that not most of the tourists know. The celebrated author Hemingway lived here soon after a vacation here and today his dwelling is a beautiful museum. In fact, your historical journey will start as soon as you reach the museum because of the descendants of the Hemingway’s polydactyl cat yet living around. And yes, one more historical fact of this coastal destination is that several U. S. presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman boosted the history by spending their winter months in the Southernmost House Grand Hotel and Museum.

Fort Myers

This was the winter home of the famous Thomas Edison as well as Henry Ford. Look for the Edison’s home that is now known as the ‘Seminole Lodge’ that boasts among the initial modern swimming pools along with the laboratory. This dwelling is an ideal model reflecting a best historical site in Florida. Just nearby is ‘The Mangoes’ that was the winter home of Henry Ford’s, which was just remodeled now and holds a garage filled with old Ford automobiles. Both these homes are along the flowing river and offer lush gardens.

Palm Beach

This is a city of contrasts! This was where in 1880s, Henry Flagler started to buy railroads, linked roads, and commissioned additional tracks along the coastlines. To know about his accomplishments, head off to The Henry Flagler Museum that is today housed in his great winter home – Whitehall. Next historical attraction is within the periphery and in the Delray Beach – the tranquil Morikami Museum as well as the Japanese Gardens that exhibits how Japan was welcomed on this Florida coast.  The galleries focus on the old as well as modern Japanese art and culture, festival celebrations, tea ceremonies, special holidays, and tasting events. Well, this is a mandatory tour for all the history lovers!


This is one more hub of historical places highlighting cultural past influenced by the Native American as well as the Spanish. Check out for the Historic Spanish Point where you can explore surprisingly over 5,000 years of history. This is the home of ancient Indian mounds, archaeological trips, living history performances, great edifices, and a butterfly garden. Further, do also take a tour of the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art as well as the Ringling Museum of the American Circus. The art museum exhibits ancient as well as Asian, American, and European artworks; while the circus museum houses a big collection of costumes, handbills, props, and posters of early circus. And yes, do explore a small circus on the grounds.


This Blue Angels home has been the birthplace of the naval aviation. So, obviously there has to be a fascinating National Museum of Naval Aviation where over 150 restored aircrafts are on display. Here, you can also fly a simulator or explore more about this field in Florida history in the Memorial Theatre. Now, look for the Fort Pickens that was used during the Civil War and featuring the Apache warrior, Geronimo.

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