Vimanmek Palace, Bangkok

Posted On December 1, 2009 

The Vimanmek Palace was used as royal palace in early days. It is located in Bangkok in Thailand. It is popularly known as the Vimanmek Mansion Vimanmek Teak Mansion. It is situated in the Dusit Palace compound, close by Dusit Zoo in Dusit district.

Built in 1900, Vimanmek Palace was earlier owned by His Majesty King Rama V. He was also having the Munthatu Rattanaroj Residence in Chuthathuj Rachathan which was located at Ko Sichang, Chonburi. He had dismantled the former residence and reassembled it in Dusit Garden. Huge celebrations were held to mark the completion of Vimanmek Palace. The celebrations took place on March 27, 1901. King Rama V used Vimanmek place as his royal residence for nearly five years, awaiting the finishing point of Amphorn Satharn Villa which was in year 1906. From the 1932, Vimanmek Palace was being used only as the storeroom place for the Bureau of the imperial family.

Vimanmek Palace

In the year 1897 when King Rama V returned from England he utilized his personal finance and purchased the paddy fields and the orchards. These were planted between Samsen canal and the Padung canal. This space was utilized to create the royal garden which was named as the Dusit by King Rama V himself.

Vimanmek Mansion has the owner of being the world’s largest mansion made up of golden teakwood. The detailed architectural fashion reflects a western sway in the mansion. The mansion has two right-angled division, each division is about 60 meters long. The mansion is a three-storied building except for the side where the King Rama V lived, which is octagonal in shape and is four-storied. The ground floor is made up ofbrick and cement. The upper floors of the mansion are built of the beautiful golden teakwood. There are around 31 rooms that are used for exhibition. The bedrooms, the bathrooms and the throne rooms maintain the exotic impression of the Thai history. Some exhibit quarters house displays of the Thai art that includes ceramics, silverware, ivory, crystal ware etc.

Vimanmek Mansion

King Rama named Dusit Garden as Dusit Palace. The compound of Dushit palace includes Amporn salam residence as well as the Vimanmek Mansion. Numerous plots were allotted by King Rama V to his wives, princess as well as his consort for the construction of the residence. King Rama has also named the various Canals, Gardens, roads as well as gates after the various Chinese ceramics. The house of HRH Srisawarindhira was named by King Rama V. He called the residence as Suan Hong Residence which means Swan Garden residence. The residences which were located in the northern side of the museum were turned into the museums.

The working hours of the Museum are 9.30 a.m. – 3.15 p.m. everyday. The address is Rajavithi Road, Dusit, Bangkok 103000. Each day two shows of traditional Thai dancing are performed at 10.30 a.m. and 2 p.m. The entrance fee for every adult is 100 Baht also Proper attire is required. No camera, mobile phone, is allowed inside the palace. Lockers are served to the visitors at a charge of 20 Baht.

You can take a bus, cab, taxi, train or tuk tuk from the airport that will bring you to the Vimanmek palace. The favorable time to visit the palace is from November to January. You will get a good accommodation as well as guides very easily. The city is quite safe to travel in the night too.

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