Wildlife Tours as well as Tourism in Goa, India

Posted On May 10, 2010 

As soon as it comes to the tourism in India, it is been said that the major point of attraction for the holiday planners is simply Goa, where they will come across a ravishing as well as gorgeous place, which is by no means barely make available similar ambiance of the various other foreign exclusive beach resorts, on the other hand also presents a variety of the careless energy, which each and every holiday planner would love to experience all through his/her holiday. As a result we cannot rebuff the actuality that Goa is prosperous by means of natural beauty of the beaches, on the other hand there is additionally a dual side for this striking place that is even today unknown, as well as if will appear the limelight, in that case can enormously amplify the count of the adventurous tourists in the various regions of Goa.

Moreover, this mysterious yet gorgeous side of Goa is the wild life. Yes! In addition to the exotic beaches in Goa engrain the numerous secrets of the diverse wildlife, which is located between the Western Ghats, the Arabian Sea as well as Goa. Moreover the forests in Goa are opaque as well as the added attachment of them by means of Arabian Sea as well as Western Ghats that creates a just the thing treatment place for the wild birds as well as animals. As a result let us notify you concerning the conserved Wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa:-

Wildlife in Goa

  • Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary:
    This sanctuary is regarded as the most prehistoric wildlife sanctuary all across Goa, which is been surrounded by means of Talpona River as well as Galjibaga River and additional attachment by means of The Bela Lake that in addition expands the region of Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is prosperous by means of it’s naturally exquisiteness as well as abundant reptiles since water is common in the region of the boundaries of the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. In addition, the presence of the ancient Kuskem Temple additionally makes the place, a motivating destination for exploring.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Sacred Groves Bambar:
    This sanctuary is one more secret wildlife sanctuary in Goa, which has huge amount dark coves. Moreover that is the grounds leopard, lion, deer, bears, as well as various other species of the animals can be witnessed at this juncture with no trouble. On the other hand, this place is additional pre-occupying by means of numerous other species of the birds that wander from various other countries at this juncture, in particular all through winters.
  • Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary:
    The most excellent way for exploring this renowned wild life sanctuary in Goa is for taking an elephant ride, as a result the mammoth grassy grounds will be observable from the altitude.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

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  1. vareeja says:

    If one wants to see multi-storeyed forests with tall trees and rare plants, where hardly any light reaches the ground, Cotigao Sanctuary is the place to go to. It touches the border of Karnataka state and in the lean season, several gaurs are known to come into Cotigao from its neighbourhood. The vegetation is mostly moist-deciduous type, interspersed with semi-evergreen and evergreen patches.

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