Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum

Posted On March 1, 2011 

If you are on the Northerly Island of Chicago, do ensure that you visit the Museum Campus on the lakefront where the top draw is the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum – the Western Hemisphere’s first planetarium! It is really enticing to take a tour of the most archaic museum-cum-planetarium today. Right from kids to the elderly, all are sure going to love this museum where there are some of the most stunningly contemporary attractions to behold.

Soaring amidst the other poplar attractions like the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum is named after Max Adler who was the founder. Drawing huge number of tourists annually, the main edifice is full of theaters as well as two planetariums. Among the theaters, there exists the famous Sky Theater that now houses the ultra-modern technology of the typical Zeiss projector and StarRider Theater where its incredible virtual reality will make all real for invoking the joy of riding in the outer space. On the other hand, the zone dedicated solely to the Astronomy Museum is admired for its important scientific instruments that are old, but are among the planet’s best collections. And lastly, the Doane Observatory will surely attract you because of its big telescope that gathers thousands of times more light than the sighting organ. In the entire Chicago, this one is the largest instrument that is available for discovery on first Friday of every month between 4:30 to 10:00 pm.

As you start your space itinerary, the first highlight to hold your attention is the modern Sky Pavilion where the not to miss StarRider Theater resides below the colossal dome. Next, the Milky Way is your destination for a virtual reality excursion that features half an hour of interactivity via the controls on the seat amidst the deep space as well as a 3-D graphics projector. The controls are at the armrest, which are totally computer controlled. But as you are controlling, do not miss the thrill of looking above your head for marveling at a picture perfect scene that is rendered by the high-resolution six video projectors. And yes, then go to the Sky Theater where you can watch movies of space.

There are also exhibition galleries that hold a variety of collections as well as interactivities. Among these, the most famous exhibits worth a watch are CyberSpace, Our Solar System, Universe in Your Hands, From the Night Sky to the Big Bang showing the astronomical instruments’ artifacts, Milky Way Galaxy, and Bringing the Heavens to Earth focusing on the various interpretations of the astronomical phenomena by the different cultures. However, if you do not have time to see them all and are in a hurry to see the best of all – go for Shoot For the Moon that is a lunar journey full of interactive stations as well as the personal accumulation of Jim Lovell – Apollo 13 mission’s leader.

  • Adults: $7.
  • Children (4 to 11): $5.
  • Galaxy Package (an audio tour and a show): Adults for $16 and children for $14.
  • Universe Package (2 shows): Adults for $20 and children for $18.
Parking fee

$15 per day.

Tip: For a more secure service, park in the main garage.


Chicago city pass as well as Go Chicago card.


2 hours along with one show watch.

  • 9:30 to 4:30 pm, closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Until 6 pm from Memorial to Labor Day.

At the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, there is a café where you can enjoy a good lunch. Not only this, but also you can marvel at the stunning views of the lakefront as well as the skyline.


It is recommended to explore the museum as well as the planetarium on the first Friday of each month. Just ensure that you remain until 10 pm so that you can enjoy watching the planets, far off galaxies, and moon close-ups. How? It is obvious that all this is possible from the big telescope that is preserved in the proud Doane Observatory.

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