Holidays in Jordan, Jerash

Posted On November 2, 2010 

There are people who call this place of the biggest archeological wonder of the world. This place is also called the Pompeii of the east. This place located about fifty kilometers to the north of Jordan’s, Amman which is the capital.  This place also happens to be one of the most provincial cities in all of the Roman Empire.  When the famous emperor Hadrian had first come here in the year one hundred and twenty nine, After Death, this colony was well into being a thriving city.  There is a triple Arch which was actually raised in the first place to welcome the famous Roman emperor. In fact you could take a nice Long walk right beneath the arch that imposes to enter this city.  This place has been happening all two thousand years before, although; right now this place is all deserted. Although the place still looks beautiful and grand.

The city of Jerash is in a nice green valley which falls into the eastern part of Jordan which is also part of the Holy Land.  There is a long history of an unbroken chain of human beings living in this place. There have been people living here since almost six thousand five hundred years before.  The ruins are preserved quite beautiful. And these ruins are all preserved well in the Greco Roman Village many other beautifully constructed Islamic buildings.

Jordan Jerash

Under the roman rule this city flourished quite a lot. If you ever think of holidays in Jordan Jerash, then you should think Jerash.

You should head to the triumphal arch which is the best way to explore this well preserved roman City. Now this place is partially restored. You could make your way high up the many columns. Make you don’t miss the oval plaza and once you here you will surely want to linger till the scorching sun sets. And when this happens, the whole city of ruins glows in shades of orange and red because of the setting sun.

Oval plaza

There is a huge temple of Zeus; this place is surrounded by tall and elegant columns which are made in the style of Corinthians. When you head further north from the plaza, this place is the Maximum Cardo which is basically the thoroughfare in Jerash set up by the Romans.  There are cobblestones from then on, and thereby even have the furrows of the roman chariot Wheels.

Temple of Zeus

When you come for Holidays in Jordan, there is an Archeological museum that has an assorted collection of artifacts that have been salvaged from this very site.

They have even found Gold jewelry, gold coins and pottery which could have most probably been used as tickets to the theater in those times.

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