Philae- Cruising Across The River Nile

Posted On December 2, 2009 

Location and History

Philae IslandPhilae is an island located in the River Nile. It is the earlier site that belonged to an Ancient Egyptian temple composite in southern state of Egypt. The structure was taken in to pieces and put somewhere else to a close by located island. It was when the construction of the Aswan Dam endangered due to its proximity for the flood site.

Philae is talked about by abundant prehistoric writers which included Strabo, Ptolemy, Pliny the Elder, Seneca, Diodorus. It was, as it can be understood by the plural name that it was the label of two small islands that were located at of latitude 24° at the north. It was located just above the very First Cataract close to Aswan. Groskurd worked out the distance amidst these islands and Aswan at about 61.5 miles.

Philae proper, even though is a smaller island, it is known for the copious and pleasing ruins previously present there, the more attractive among both of them. Proceeding to the outpouring, it was never more than 1,250 feet that is around 380 m in length also about 400 feet that is around 120 m breathe. It is made-up of Syenite rocks. The sides are sharp and on their peak a supercilious wall was constructed which encompassed the island.

Philae was considered to be one of the burying-places for the Osiris. Also was provided very much importance both by the Egyptians who were located in the north as well as by the Nubians who are located in the south. The Nubians are mostly stated as the Ethiopians in the Greek. It was estimated disrespectful for the priests to live there. Also it was for that reason for appropriate as well as denominated “the Unapproachable” It was stated neither that nor the fishes approached the shore nor the birds flew over. This was the tradition for a small period of time. It was started during the time of Ptolemies of Egypt. During that period Philae was always filled with tourists as well as pilgrims who come to visit the tomb of Osiris.

The neighboring stonework excavations concerned hither also. A large number of populations of miners as well as the stonemasons, regarding the handiness of this interchange, a balcony or road which was built in the rocks by the length of the eastern bank of the Nile, parts of which are still existing.

Philae has been an extraordinary place for its particular special effects of shade as well as lights which results from the location of the Tropic of Cancer. When the sun reached its northern boundary the shade from the extrapolative moldings and cornices of the holy place go down to lower plain facade of the fortifications. When the sun reaches its Philae templeuppermost altitude, the upright fortifications spread over with dark shades that form an outstanding distinction with the ferocious light which decorates all the nearby objects.

The most noticeable characteristic that you will come across both of the islands is the architectural wealth that the islands possess. There are a number of monuments that belongs to different eras. It extends from the Caesars up to the Pharaohs and thus nearly occupies the complete region. The major construction lay at the smaller island’s southern end. The older that were left behind were the remnants of a temple that belonged to the Hathor construction and was placed during the rule of Nectanebo I that was started from 380-362 BCE. It was also accessible by the way of the river all the way through a twofold arcade.

How to reach

Cairo International Airport is the nearest airport from where you can hire a taxi or cab or hail a car and reach Shellal. From Shellal the only way to reach Philae is to hail a boat and travel across the water body. Mostly the visitors opt for the well-organized tours. The boats come and go to and from Philae. In the evening when the sun’s light has gone a light and sound show is been organized every evening. There is an official cost for the boats and the journey but even though it keeps varying from one company to another.

When to visit

The most favorable time to visit Philae is from October to March. The atmosphere is quite cool during this period.

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