Aquileia, Udine, Italy

Posted On December 3, 2009 

These days Aquileia has remained a small and quite insignificant town. It is located in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia area of north-east Italy, in the state of Udine. On the other hand, this sprawling arrangement has a population of nearly 3,000 people. It was once a very important Roman city with nearly 200,000 residents. Even though it is not in one of the major sightseer way, but it is a significant archaeological site and has a UNESCO World Heritage status. Aquileia can surely out as a single day trip from Trieste or nearby towns, Venice or perhaps as any tourist’s destination in the north-east corner of Italy. The town is only a few miles from the Adriatic coast, and for some pleasant variety, visitors can spend the night at Grado, a seaside resort, formerly Aquileia’s sea-port.

Aquileia Basilica

Founded in 181BC Aquileia acted as the base for the Roman power in this particular part of Europe. The town was deliberately situated for forces and trading reasons. Later it grew as one of the most significant cities in the Roman Italy and also the capital city of the large area. Milan was proclaimed of in 313 and thus it was then the religious tolerance was introduced. Readily Aquileia became an imperative centre of premature Christianity, and the bishop that was the patriarch became an important figure. The Paleo-Christian church here belongs to the time of Constantine’s Edict. Aquileia did second-hand to the idea of ‘Dark Ages’.

Aquileia mosaicThere are many places to be visited when in Aquileia if you’re a history lover. The list of sites includes two museums, the famous mosaic and the outdoors sites in the basilica. The local tourist information office, is located in the square by the basilica. Remember to check the opening times and pick up the leaflet that provides all the information with maps of the sights. They are also available in English language.

The most easy and the direct way to reach Aquileia from the United Kingdom is to fly to Trieste Airport it popularly known as the Aeroporto Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and is located at a distance of just nine miles away, from the site. It is well served by Ryan air flights. You can use and explore this part of Italy. A pay and park option is available near the Aquilea. It is on the north side of the Piazza Capitolo. You can use any of the various buses that start from the airport and halts at Aquileia. Remember to check the links panel as well as the APT time tables that are placed on the right in the bus. Other of the airports that are suitable is Venice Marco Polo, Treviso and Venice Treviso in the Veneto. If you are coming from Venice you can drive or take a train and reach Aquileia.

GradoAfter visiting Aquileia try and get some time to visit Grado. Open upon a time in the past Grado has a lot of importance. In today’s modern time it stands a rival to the Venice. Today Gardo has become a sea-side resort which is not known to many people. Another motivating site is the Palmanova which is an equipped town and has a shape of a star. The major sites and towns in this area include Udine, Trieste and also the Lombard town named Cividale Del Friuli.

If you have long plans of having an overnight stay near Aquileia you can hail to the Grado where one of the best accommodation options is available. Gardo is located at a distance of few miles and takes around 10 minutes to reach there if you use the bus service. You will get good restaurants and services in and around Grado.

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