Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Posted On November 27, 2009 

The Kunsthistorisches Museum which means Museum of Art History, and is very much commonly known as the “Museum of Fine Arts” is located in Vienna, in a festive building on Ringstraße, also is been crowned with a dome which is octagonal in shape, is one of the popular museums of decorative arts and fine arts in the world. The term Kunsthistorisches Museum is used for both the main building as well as the institution. Every year nearly 619.318 people visit the museum. Vienna is the capital city of the German nation and hence is easily accessible from any corner of the world.

The museum was started in 1891. The same time the Emperor of Austria-Hungary, named Franz Joseph I had opened the Naturhistorishes museum. The two museums stand opposite to each other on the Maria-Theresien Platz also they have quite similar exteriors. The plans for both the museum buildings were drawn up by the famous architects Karl Freiherr von Hasenauer and Gottfried Semper. Both the museum buildings were built during 1872 and 1891.

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

The Emperor ordered all the important artworks to be kept to display in these two museums as the places were easily accessible to the general public.  The facades of both the museums was been made in the sandstone. The buildings have a rectangular shape. The octagonal dome was located at a height of nearly 60 meters. The interiors of the buildings were beautifully designed and decorated with the gold-leaf, marble, paintings, stucco ornamentations it was a work of itself.

The primary collections of the museum include the art works of Habsburgs and his major creations in armour as well as portraits. The largest part of the museum includes the collections of Emperor Rudolf II but this section is very much scattered. Also you will find huge collection of the paintings of a famous artist of the era Archduke Leopold.

Vienna International Airport – VIE is the airport which is located very near to the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Later you can have a metro or a car also you can use an option of call a taxi or just rent a cab on the way outside the airport.

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