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Posted On August 4, 2010 

When for the first time, the orient express train left for Istanbul from Paris in eighteen eighty three, it was a seventeen hundred mile trip that went across most of Europe. This service was later stopped in nineteen seventy seven.  Although now, the express runs from Venice simplon all the way to the orient.

This is essentially a private luxury train service that goes from London to Venice and is popularly known to most people as the Orient Express trips.

Orient express train tours

James Sherwood in the year nineteen eighty two, founded this company. He later; bought two originally carriages from an auction when another company went out of commission from the orient express train service.  These railways later became part of the national railways of France, Germany and Austria. In the course of a few years later, spent about sixteen million dollars and bought around thirty five sleeper cars a restaurant and high grade Pullman carriages.

Orient express luxury train

This service is currently owned by the famous orient express hotels limited.  The service runs to many destinations from March to November.

These are :
  • London
  • orient express paris
  • Rome
  • Venice
  • Vienna
  • Prague
  • Budapest
  • Bucharest
  • Istanbul

The company has different carriages to use in the United Kingdom. And; another type for the continental United Kingdom. Although, these all have been from the nineteen thirties.

This rail car was originally made with marquestry and well polished brass. . This marvel which was built in the early nineteenth century still looks like an orchestra of delight able moving parts and the thundering force that makes his experience so unforgettable. . The railway has restored its splendor and notched up luxury and finish of the entire vehicle.  This happens to be one of the most luxurious expresses available. Well, if you want to have a nice quiet journey in luxury and elegance then there is no place like the Venice orient express.

Venice simplon orient express train

Agatha Christie had written much about this express in her novels. The entire experience makes you feel the Agatha Christie spirit still lingers.  The style she used to describes the service with white gloves and an amazing service that could be expected out of one of the most amazing orient express paris train rides.

The concept of this express was to make of proper luxury hotel on wheels.  The Orient Express trips now has many new routes that stretch all across the European continent.  One of the most popular routes are that connect Rome, Prague and Istanbul and of course the express that goes from Venice to London and back is known to be the most ranked amongst all the other ones.

Orient express luxury train

The train has very few stops depending on the route taken. As you go along the journey, you would witness different kind of terrain and scenery. Although these factors may still count a little, in this case the entire experience on being on such a vessel that is so beautiful crafted; along with the feel of being in a luxury world class hotel, in fact even better than a fair number of them! That experience is just extra ordinary. Its uniqueness, hospitality and grandeur is what makes it so special.

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2 Responses to “orient express train in Veneto Italy”
  1. Anna says:

    Want to feel like a king for a day? Want to enjoy luxuries of a five star hotel even before you reach your holiday destination..then welcome aboard says staff of orient express..the intricate interiors of the train the,beautiful scenarios passing by, delicious food and warm staff would make your ride memorable one..you definitely would want to ride this baby again ;)

  2. These luxury trains pack a world class service. No wonder it wowed Agatha Christie to make the Orient Express as a setting for one her most famous novels. This article on the Orient express makes me think of a bygone time and era of class and sophistication.

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