Museums in Istanbul

Posted On July 27, 2013 

Visits to certain countries are filled with travel pleasures and tour delights. Istanbul is one such place very famous for its art destinations and museums. Museums in Istanbul are a great way of knowing the place better. With collections from international and Turkish artists, the contemporary art museum here is a great attraction for all. This is really worth all the efforts so make yourself comfortable in this beautiful land of adventure and fun.

Located on the banks of the Bosphorous, this is a major area, with some of the best collections of Turkish water pipes, or Nargiles, which are very popular here. Then of course, you have the ancient mosques amidst lot of shipping containers. Tourists come here just to be in a different land with different amazing delights.

Istanbul Museum Attraction Istanbul Archaeological Museum In side view

The false ceiling work in the museum is an attraction of intrigue for all and this literal ceiling of books provides with all the forms of interest and tour interests. The first floor is dedicated entirely to many exhibitions and the ones by Sekerr Ahmet are very popular here. You also have the ones by Orhan Peker, I hsan Cemal Karaburcak, Cihat Burak and the Omer Kales all of which are very famous. There are many temporary exhibits too, which make the tours here ever more fulfilling. There is a cinema hall, a gallery for photography and a video art area with a special new media art area.

Istanbul Modern Art Museum Pera Museum in Istanbul

There are many signs posted in English as well as Turkish, which gives a brief account of the artist and the artwork. Free tours with guides are also available but these must be reserved much before in advance. There are facilities for an audio guides too besides the fact tat the people are laid back and relaxed here, makes the visits here very interesting.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Visit museums in Istanbul and come back with a memorable experience.

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