Historical Delights In Pattadakal

Posted On August 27, 2013 

Visit beautiful India and enjoy the eclectic art, in Pattadakal, which is a great historical destination under the Chalukya dynasty in the seventh and eight centuries. A glorious blend of constructional elegance and architectural glamour of the southern and northern part of India, this is a magnificent group of nine Hindu temples alongwith a Jain sanctuary. This is a masterpiece of constructional elegance. The Temple of Virupaksha was built by Queen Lokhamahadevi in memory of the victory of her husband over the Kings in Southern India. Pattadakal is a high end destination of art belonging to ancient India and has managed to achieve a blend of harmonious architectural forms and amazing visual delights. Also called the City of Rubies this was incidentally the capital city of the kingdom of the Chalukyas. This apogee of an eclectic art has all the reasons to be a famous travel attraction in the beautiful Indian subcontinent.

Virupaksha Temple in Pattadakal Nandi in Virupaksha Temple at Pattadakal

Located on the banks of the River Malaprabha this village is a small miniscule thing of beauty famous for the Temple of Papanatha a Jain temple. The designs and the structures are entirely influenced by the construction of the Kashi Vishveshavara temples and the Galaganatha, which are very popular for their shikharas with curved edges. The cornices adorn the walls here and the roofs are intriguing complex structures famous for their unique sense of art and designs.

Papanatha Temple in Karnataka Sangameswara Temple at Pattadakal

The oldest temple at Pattadakal is the Sangameswara temple that was built by Vijayditya Satyasraya, the Kadasiddhesvara and Jambulingeswara temples belonging to the 7th century AD. The last temple was the Galaganatha temple built in typical Chalukyan style. Rani Trilokyamahadevi constructed the Mallikarjuna temple. She also got the Virupaksha and the Kailasanatha temple constructed. The Kailasa temple at Ellora has been built on the lines of the Virupaksha temple.

Galaganatha Temple in Pattadakal Mallikarjuna Temple in Pattadakal

With the best of historical delights and the most fascinating tour memories, the Pattadakal temples are a remarkable sight in tours to India.

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