Watery Pleasures at The Roopkund Lake

Posted On September 12, 2013 

Roopkund Lake in India is one of the lesser known destinations but is a favourite of all trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. Also called the Skeleton Lake, this is one of the dreadfully secluded zones and is situated in the Himalayan mountain ranges. There is a lot of mystery about this region and thus tourists go here with a lot of curiosity. It is very famous as the place of a hundred corpses and at least 300 to 600 skeletons have been found here dating back to the 15th century AD. It is not known what has caused these deaths and thus the lake region remains a mystery.

Adventure enthusiasts like to go hiking and trekking to this mysterious spot and Roopkund treks offers one of the best experiences. With its gurgling streams and deep forests, the virginity of the region fills one with an excitement that is unbeatable. Enjoy this adventurous experience as you go up 8000 feet to 16000 feet in four days.

Roopkund Treks

Roopkund is a high altitude glacial lake in the state of Uttarkhand in India. With snow clad peaks and rocky glaciers surrounding this region, the trekking destination is a fascinating locale in this part of the Indian subcontinent. This is a shallow 2 metre deep lake and has attracted many people just tto see the remains of the skeletons that are visible when the snow melts. A very picturesque and beautiful destination this is thus one of the lesser known sports which provides you with ideal tour delights and memorable travel experiences. Garhwal district is thus witness to this beautiful lake at the foot of Mt. Nanda Ghunti and Mt Trishul.  Roopkund is also famous for the Nanda Devi Raj Jat, which takes place once in 12 years.

Human Skeleton at Roopkund Tourist Attraction in Roopkund

Some of the best experiences in adventure and excitement ate had in Roopkund Lake which is very famous for its mystery.

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