Island Tours at Agatti Island

Posted On December 28, 2013 

Visit this beautiful paradise in Lakshadweep Islands in Indian tours and take back with you wonderful experiences at one of the best green destinations in the world. Agatti Island beach delights provide you with tours involving exciting moments in silvery beaches, fascinating turquoise blue lagoons, and luscious green coconut palms. Time seems to stand still with mesmerizing beauty that is hard to resist. This is in fact one of the most scintillating tropical islands in this part of the world and has been totally untouched by the rush of tourists who dominate the visual sights.

Take back with you wonderful experiences of an emerald green idyllic palm clad island and enjoy the simple delights on the long white beaches, which give you more than what you asked for. The multi coloured lagoon with its various life forms and the beautiful sight of the diamond surf that is formed by the waters here is indeed a sight to cherish forever. This is one of those few enchanting places where you get to see all shades of green, blue, and white and provides you with ultimate travel luxuries. Coral reefs too add to the visual delight and the quiet ambience and tranquil surroundings make things even more fascinating. This is a place where you get to see the best of rejuvenation experiences of the mind, body, and soul. This is paradise beyond description. The resorts and the beautiful experiences of rowing, diving, and swimming make your visits here memorable and provide you with the best beach experiences.

Agatti Island View Agatti Island Resort

Everyone would love to come to a place that has beautiful surroundings, warm people, and amazing travel memories to take back. Agatti Island gives you all this and more.

Agatti Island Beach View

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