Fundacion Proa: Home of stimulating artworks

Posted On December 22, 2010 

Nestled on the Buenos Aires’ La Boca riverfront, Fundacion Proa is the newly remodeled as well as extraordinary art institute dedicated to film, global art, photography, video, theater, and literature. This top rated highlight in the capital of Argentina is housed in a typical harbor-facing as well as converted edifice. Within the building, you will spend a lot of time marveling at the different light-washed galleries, screenings, a big amphitheater, lectures, and untouched art library fully equipped including a reading room. Accessible from the rich Caminito, the gallery is named so because of the edifice’s triangular shape indicating a boat’s prow pointing toward the Riachuelo port.

Pristine white walls, soaring ceilings, and four big halls contribute to the overall charm of all the exhibits that feel proud to be housed in this elegant art gallery. Fundacion Proa invites only the most radical national as well as international artists for showcasing their talent here. This modern art scene is further stirred up by amazingly modern installations in rushed textiles as well as by the nontraditional mediums like butcher paper. However, there are modern offerings seen in the video rooms as well.

Until today, Fundacion Proa has revealed some of the most inspiring and approaching shows in the capital. It is among the city’s best art galleries. The traditional Italianate sophistication in the exterior as well contemporary angular galleries in the interior has made Proa architecturally a master piece in its own right. The art gallery engulfs and exhibits all temporary exhibits, but a few of them are very diverse as well as interesting showing generally a Latin American theme. So expect anything from pre-Columbian Aztec sculptures, photography, and to the Argentine art of 1980. Besides, check out here for a stunning collection that is dedicated to the Latin American artists such as Diego Rivera.

Fundacion Proa pays a tribute to the state’s dedication toward arts. Initially opened in 1996 and recently refurbished in 2008, this two-storey edifice has been the attractive home of diverse highly-acclaimed traveling exhibits besides the work of the most modern local artists. Besides Diego Rivera, the gallery space has also hosted the skills of married Mexican artists such as Frida Kahlo as well as Andres Serrano, Lucio Fontana, Sol Lewitt, and Mario Merz. If you come to Proa today, then you will be able to explore its renovated premises that are boasting four exhibition rooms for art shows. Therefore, you can expect an auditorium that is dedicated to the movies of Latin America along with some more art-video presentations. And yes, do not worry about the communication as English is well spoken here. This solves the problems of non-Spanish speakers.

In short, Fundacion Proa is a labyrinth of big as well as open rooms that are flexible enough to show sculpture, art, music, theatre, poetry readings, or rarities like the silver skills of Mapuche. Besides ambling to explore, you can also sit down and relax to sip coffee as well as read local materials at its Coffee Room that is checkered black and white. Be here to know about the history as well the future events of the gallery. Before leaving, just check the video room. If there is any exhibit, do not miss to see it as it might be unique.

Besides the exhibits, this historical mansion also bears an attractive roof top. So, continue your expedition until you reach the top floor at the terrace café for lunch while enjoying the great views of the colorful La Boca docks, Riachuelo, as well as Caminito. This non-profit gallery is also the venue of DJ nights as well as mini-film festivals. During the time of summer, exhibits as well as poetry readings are held on cool evenings offering a delightful experience. However, it is recommended to call before coming here.

The timings of the gallery are from 11 am to 7 pm and it is closed on weekends. Admission fees: AR$10 per adult, AR$6 per student, and AR$3 pensioners. You can reach here via Bus 29, 64, or 152.

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